August 14, 2012

New York City Marathon Training: Week 4

Thank goodness this week slowed down a bit because last week, I was slightly panicked at how quickly training seemed to be going.

I had a lot of work-related things going on this week which changed my plans around slightly but I still got in all of my runs and felt pretty great on all of them.

The thing I want to talk about this week nerves.

I have a serious case of pre-run anxiety when it comes to my long runs. I end up tossing and turning thinking about my long run so late into the night that sometimes I can't wake up for my run.

After missing my long run last week, I felt like my long run this weekend would be really hard. I have no idea why. It was (only) 14 miles, a distance I've covered a number of times either on its own in a training run or in the marathon distance itself.

My initial plan was to run on Saturday. Friday night, I made up a number of excuses to put it off...I'm tired, it's going to be hot out, I really want to go to yoga tomorrow, there are thunderstorms in the forecast, I'll be tired at the party all day...

Excuses, excuses, excuses. In all reality, it was going to be 84 with 94% humidity on Saturday morning and 68 with 20% humidity on Sunday morning so it just made more sense to run but even if the forecast had been reversed, I don't know if I would have run on Saturday.

To run long, you have to mentally and physically prepare yourself and while, mentally I'm definitely there, the build up to the run makes me feel like I'm going 0-14 with no training whatsoever.

So that's something I really need to work on...setting a day to run each week (Saturday) and committing to it...only allowing real conflicts to get in the way and not my feelings. Because you know what? As nervous as I got before my Sunday long run, I actually had a great run.

It wasn't perfect pacing, but for once I ignored my Garmin, other than to look at my mile markers and focused on running by feel...and I still managed to run well within my target long run pace.

So let's recap Week 4:

Total Mileage: 32.5
Missed Workouts: None...well, I didn't strength train at all like I said I would. =/
Trouble Spots: My right leg has been a bit wonky but foam rolling seems to be helping.
Planned Mileage This Week: 35-40

This past week's speed workout was hill repeats which went well but the hills weren't as steep or long as I would have liked them to be. This coming week, it's back to mile repeats and starting my speed work cycle again from Week 1.

So, this week, I will run all of my workouts, I will do at least one strength training session, and I will have faith in my ability to run long.

How is your training going? Do you get nervous before any of your workouts?

If you're interested in reading more about my specific workouts, you can always check me out on Daily Mile!


  1. Sometimes I pysch myself out and sometimes I don't. This week I signed up for a local 11 mile road race just to get my long run in. I've been sticking to Saturdays for my long runs, but it's my during the week runs that I'm struggling with setting days and just doing them. As long as I get them in though, I'm happy!

  2. Midweek long runs and overall higher mileage have made long runs easier for me, because when your base mileage is higher it doesn't seem that much more to add a few more for the long run. I remember, for example, when my average run length was around 5, 20 milers used to be a lot more stressful. I think some of it just comes with experience and being confident you can do it because that is what you are really going to need on race day. Use practice to gain that confidence!

  3. Nice work, Christy! It looks like you are chasing this marathon, smooth and steady!

  4. My long runs always make me nervous no matter what especially 20 miles or longer! You are doing great so be proud!

  5. When I tell you switching to running Sunday was a good choice, I'm speaking the truth! 6:30am I stepped into a wall of humidity and I did a very difficult 14 miles. Great splits keep up the good work! Make a great playlist and strength train the heck out of yourself!

  6. I have those feeling prior to my long run as well. I try to reschedule but luckily I run with a running group and there is chance to reschedule, I have to be there at 7am on Saturday. Afterwards I'm always so glad I did! Did you see if there are running groups in NYC? I'm sure there are and it might be fun to run with somebody!

  7. Great post! :oD you rock!
    I run, but biking is my number one workout. Yesterday I went on a 46 miles tour. Man, my legs hurt like crazy, but it feels goooood :oD

    The "Weekend Wanderings" brought me here :) new follower!
    Hope you are having a good one!

    Smooches from Germany,


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