August 7, 2012

New York City Marathon Training: Week 3

If you read my novel of a post yesterday, you'll understand why I never recapped my training last week. I actually started the post about 17 times before giving up.

Last week, my training fell short due to my getting stuck in Florida for 2 days. With 12 weeks to go in training, and already hitting higher mileage than normal this early in training, I'm ok with it and since this week is meant to be a step back week, it works out since I can increase my mileage this week without over training.

After Week 2, I was feeling a little tired but a few yoga classes did the trick to get me feeling fresh again. The one thing I'm disappointed in is that although I've been great about incorporating yoga into my training and hitting most of my workouts, I've fallen off the strength training band wagon so it's time to get back into that routine this week.

So while Week 1 didn't quite go as planned, Week 2 went absolutely fantastic. Week 3, once again didn't go as planned but I'm looking forward to picking up where I left off after Week 2 and kick the next 12 weeks into high gear and having a great training cycle.

Let's recap Week 3:

Total Mileage: 14.5
Missed Workouts: 2, my 14 mile long run and an easy shake out run
Trouble Spots: A bit more knee pain that I would like
Planned Mileage for Week 4: 30-35

This week, I'm incorporating hill work into my normal speed work sessions, upping the mileage on my marathon goal pace runs and doing my first Time Trial of training. I'm hoping to do at least 2 strength sessions and go to yoga at least once. Yesterday's 4 mile easy run felt nice and easy after 3 days off and I haven't yet made it out the door for today's hill workout (it's been a busy day!) but I'm confident about this week's workouts, especially after nailing my speed work last week.

Well, that's that! I'm a little bit busier this week than I'd like to be, but hey, I'm not complaining in the least!

To those of you training for fall races, how is your training coming along? How do you feel about missing workouts? Do you beat yourself up? Try and add on? Or just let it go?


  1. I try not to sweat about a missed run, but it is hard to not feel guilty. If I miss a long run I try to make up for it (replace with a shorter one). If it is a shorter run, I try not to worry.

  2. I have never missed a long run and am training on #4. If I miss a mid week run I don't lose sleep.

  3. I agree with Jeff, I try and not to miss a long run. If I do, I HAVE to make up for it somewhere. Mid-week, I don't care so much.

    My next half training starts on the 19th!

  4. I can think of worse places to get stuck than Florida. Too bad you had to miss your long run, those are the most important ones IMHO.

    I've been skipping some workouts myself thanks to a nagging leg issue, I think it might be shin splints. It isn't too bad, but it doesn't seem to be going away either. Hopefully a week of cross training will be the cure. Still feel a bit guilty.


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