March 20, 2012

Madrid Marathon Training: Week 12

Happy First Day of Spring!

Yesterday, I ran a glorious 7 miles along the West Side Highway.

After my last few runs on WSH, I didn't think I would ever go back but we had a lovely time together last night and I'll be back again after work today. I just have to remember to avoid it like the plague when there's ever so much as a breeze in New York.

So I ran a marathon this weekend. I've recovered fantastically. I attribute that to running a smart, slow race and not trying to be a hero. This week is a step back week which will further help with that recovery in case there are any lingering issues that I haven't noticed so it's all easy runs and a tempo run on Thursday.

With just over 4 weeks until Madrid, I'm focusing on what I like to call my 4 Weeks to Fast plan: aka my plan to really harness my speed and kick it into high gear to nail my marathon goal pace on race day. Yesterday, I hit my first two miles at 9:09 which is fantastic considering that I was starting to think that my ability to run anything under a 9:30 had disappeared.

So, with that in mind, here's what I'm looking at for this week.

Madrid Marathon Training: Week 12
Total Mileage Last Week: 40.2
Missed Workouts: 1, I missed a 7 mile easy run I had planned because I was sick
Trouble Spots: Absolutely none!
Planned Mileage This Week: 46

Monday: 7 miles easy
Tuesday: 6 miles easy
Wednesday: Rest Day
Thursday:  9 miles with 5 at tempo
Friday: 8 miles easy
Saturday: 15 miles
Sunday: Rest Day

Goals for this Week: Get back in the pool, pay attention to how I'm recovering from the marathon and try and run my long run similar to the way I want to run my first 15 miles in Madrid.
Current Annoyances: None. I ran a marathon on Saturday and feel fantastic. I'm on top of the world.
Things to Keep in Mind: I decided to be smart and walk Mile 24 of USA, but I didn't feel like I had to at all. Even though I was running slowly, if I maintain that level of consistency and go out nice and slow and work towards my target pace, I'll be able to cross the finish line in Madrid feeling strong with plenty of energy to give everything I have in that last 5k.

I'm absolutely loving everything about this weather. It's perfect running weather and it's absolutely glorious but I swear, if I read one more blog post or tweet complaining about it being too hot out, I will leave you hateful comments. It's 70 degrees out. Not 95. Stop complaining. Seriously.

Happy Running!

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