October 6, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. Training Tuesday - I was writing a paper so I didn't get my Training Tuesday post done. Basically, this week I have 3 easy runs, a tempo run and my final long run before kicking it in to taper mode. I may scale that back to 4 runs and skip the tempo run since I'm racing this weekend but we'll see.

2. Grete's Gallop Race Photos - You've all read my race recap by now about this past weekend's half-marathon and know that it was definitely know walk in park but for some reason, in all of my photos, I look like I'm having the time of my life! I've only ever bought my marathon race photos but I might buy some of these because I kind of like them!

Hello awkward wave.
Mile 13! 
Annnnnd we're done!
3. Staten Island Half Marathon - This weekend, I'm running the Staten Island Half Marathon. It will by my 8th qualifier for the 2012 NYC Marathon. Since I haven't actually run anything above 18 miles this training cycle, I'm planning to add between 7 and 9 miles to the start to turn this into a 20 or 22-miler. My plan is to take the first 7-9 miles easy and when the race starts, run my marathon goal pace for the first 10 miles and then run like hell for the last 5k. I've heard good things about the race and it's pretty flat but it's the biggest out and back I've ever seen so I'm praying I don't have any music glitches this time around!

Are you racing this weekend? Do you ever buy race photos?


  1. adorable race photos! i obviously <3 your shirt! GOOD LUCK this weekend!

  2. Awesome pictures, especially the last one :)

  3. I usually screen shot them only - mine are never good enough to buy (ie I always look like I'm bringing sexy back...ie not really).

    Good luck tackling your 20-22!

  4. Good luck at your race this weekend :)

  5. Dude. I need one of those shirts! Does Sweaty Emily sell them???

    You look awesome in the photos - you should definitely buy them.

    Can't wait to hear about the half!!!


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