October 3, 2011

September Recap!

These days, I'm starting to feel the effects of training for a marathon five days a week in comparison with four. I'm tired a lot and even though I'm lucky enough to get about 9 hours of sleep every night, it doesn't seem like enough.

September was a busy busy month. Between starting a new job, starting school, upping the mileage, traveling for a wedding and having The Pilot move back, I barely had enough time to wrap my head around everything I needed to. But I definitely won't say that September flew by. Call it "2nd year grad student-itis" or what you will, but I feel like this month and the semester is dragging by.

Now I'm the first one to embrace long days and months that feel like they went on forever because hey, life is short, why wish it away? But a teeny tiny bit of me really just wants school to finish so that I can spend my weekends recovering from a long training run by immersing myself in an ice bath and chasing it with a few beers with friends rather than immersing myself in academic journals and texts about sexual violence, genocide and gross human rights violations.

But you know what? I'm almost there. After this semester, I have nothing to do except write my thesis, work and train for a spring marathon that has yet to be decided. I'm lucky enough to already have my thesis topic ironed out and hey, if I'm really on top of things, I'll have the first draft done by mid-March and then, I'll be free until I find a job!

So that's one thing I did this month, I started my 2nd and final year of graduate school (#8 off my list). And here are a few things I did:

  • I finished reading The Old Testament! Man, it was hard to get through, but I did it! 
  • I read "The Souls of Black Folk" - #44 off The Book List
  • I went to a music festival!
  • I made 2 recipes out of one of my cookbooks
The school year always makes crossing things off my list a bit of a challenge but you know what, September actually shaped up to be a pretty good month! Here's a look at some of the non-list related things I did in a photo recap:

I ate a lot of 16 Handles
I did a lot of yoga!
The Pilot moved back home!
I ran...a lot and made NYRR's event gallery
So there you have it! Now, it's October and I have big plans for the month! My plans involve consuming obscene amounts of pumpkin flavored things, writing a lot of papers, tackling Tolstoy again (War & Peace was so good!), oh and running my 2nd marathon. It's gonna be a fun month, that's for sure! 

What are your October plans?


  1. Happy October! I plan to get on the pumpkin kick too :)

  2. happy october!! it sounds like you have lots of great things coming your way

  3. I would looove to do some yoga outside! Hope your October is as good as September!

  4. To get more rest and not over-commit myself so I can be ready to attack the NYC marathon! And to get a bit more done at work - Sept I was distracted with wedding and bake sale!

    If you ever want to go to YTTP's bikram yoga, let me know!

  5. Impressive, Christy! I need to start crossing more off of my list for 24 Before 24. Unfortunately, I don't think I'm going to complete them all, but that's a-okay. Right? Right!

  6. I have been staring at the pumpkins at Trader Joe's recently, trying to think about how I can actually incorporate them into my food. I might just settle with pumpkin pie!

    My October plans: A 10K at the end of the month + more variety in my cross-training.

  7. Hi Christy! You make me feel bad about my lack of running! Did manage to cover 11 miles this weekend but it's definitely tough during the week. Great blog. You've made me want to have a "25 before 25" list. Better get going on that....1 year left!

  8. wow girl you got a lot done last month! looks like you're staying on track. and i am so with you on consuming lots of pumpkin flavored things :) happy october love!


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