June 1, 2011

May Recap

May was certainly a busy month. I moved out of my apartment into temporary storage (aka Mom's house) while I started my summer travels. The month of May brought me to Florida for 2 weeks to visit The Pilot, to Texas for a week to surprise my brother for his 18th birthday and to Iowa for a weekend for the wedding of two of my great friends! It was a long, busy month and I'm pretty tired from it! I'm ready to dip into June and take the next few weeks to relax before I head out for my June travels! So aside from gallivanting across the US, I got some work done on The List.

In May, I:
  • Started training for my first triathlon and got in some good swims and bike rides before spraining my wrist which may take me out of the race. 
  • Read the Books of 1 and 2 Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther in The Bible. 
  • Came up with a preliminary itinerary for my trip to India!
  • Finished my first year of my Master's program!
  • Went to a Tampa Bay Rays game, making my 12th ball park!
  • Read 2 books off The Book List: The Golden Notebook and The Divine Comedy.
  • Built a sand castle!
It was a really productive month but I'm ready to take it easy a bit in June before I head to Europe at the end of the month!

How did your May shape up? Any big summer plans?


  1. I wondered about your wrist...I hope you heal up before race day!

  2. Wow you are amazing. I think it is incredible that you have been able to really stick to your goals. i think may has been busy because i moved and ran a half marathon and had lots of dates with friends and things to do but...eh...think you win ;)

  3. Sounds like a wonderful productive months filled with lots of good friends and family :) (minus the sprained wrist of course!)

    Can't wait to hear more about the upcoming travels!


  4. You deserve some R&R, girl! Enjoy it while you can!

  5. You did have a productive month! I'm ready for summertime relaxing :)

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