June 6, 2011

love/don't love

1. I started this post 3 times this morning, each on a totally negative note. I finally put it to rest, went about my day, went for a run and am now starting on a much lighter note. Love.
2. I just tried making some juice and I think my mom's 200-year-old juicer has finally been juiced. Seriously this thing is ancient and I really wanted to make juice. Don't Love.
3. I am listening to country music. Love. 

4. I finally hit 300 miles for the year this morning. I've been trying to hit that number for weeks but being sick just got in the way too many times. Love. 
5. My computer got a virus and I lost everything. I'm taking it to the PC doc tonight to see if they can recover it but it doesn't look promising. The worst part about it? I got it from clicking a link that someone posted on a blog. Don't Love. 

6. My wrist is starting to feel better and I've been able to run without the splint but it always bothers me afterward. Baby steps. Love/Don't Love.
7. I'm hosting a Blog Meet-Up after the NYRR Mini 10k on Saturday! If you're running the race or will be in NYC on Saturday, let me know! Love.
8. I miss my boyfriend. A lot. Don't Love.

We're total goof balls but we're totally in love. 

 Happy Monday! 


  1. Awww so sorry that your pc crashed - that is the worst feeling ever - those pc docs can work miracles though, so I'll be crossing my fingers that they recover everything :)

    Glad your wrist is starting to feel better!

    ps you and your bf are the cutest!

  2. Congrats on hitting 300! Totally LOVE!!!!!!

  3. Yay 300 miles! And I'm in Jersey now and would LOVE to go to the meet up, but alas things are a bit more difficult with a newborn...I love it though <33 Hope to meet up before you leave though!!


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