April 14, 2011

three things thursday

1. Moving back to NYC - So I know you all fell in love with Hoboken after yesterday's post and believe me, I'm in love too but yes, I'm moving back to Manhattan in August...two blocks from my old apartment to be exact. I was offered a job at NYU and instead of giving me real money, they're giving me a 1 bedroom apartment with meals included. It's not an RA job but it's through the Housing office at NYU so to avoid confusion, let's say I 'm going to be an RA without any residents. Sweet deal right? Perks of my new place? It's in the same building as the NYU gym and pool. This girl is about to take sweating to a whole new degree of addiction. You all might have to put me on that show Intervention come Fall! I'll also be living above Trader Joe's...which means I can scope out the line before venturing down! Oh and 2 blocks from Union Square (and the Union Square Farmers' Market!)...hello fresh, locally grown fruits and veggies! So, even though I love Hoboken, I'm moving back to the Big Apple but I think that living by myself in a spacious apartment is going to make a huge difference in my attitude about living in the city!

My soon-to-be new hood!
2. Eye Doctor - Remember when I wrote that I had something going on with my eyes? Well, I went for my 2 week follow up and Doc told me that the problem had gotten worse and was referring me to a surgeon. Needless to say, I freaked out. When I tried asking questions, she told me to ask Surgery Doctor because she "didn't go to school for that"...hmm is there a Yelp for doctors? So I went to Surgery Doctor and after poking and prodding with my eyes for about a year, he diagnosed me with Dry Eyes...oh my goodness, it's so severe, it might need surgery, it'll take months to heal...thank you USELESS doctor who I first saw. Apparently, chronic dry eye is very common among runners so he prescribed me with some fancy eye drops, told me to lay off contacts for awhile and I'll be good to go. Seriously...some doctors are so stupid. So, instead of having surgery and possibly losing my vision which Doctor #1 alluded to, I get to run around looking like this for awhile:

Hopefully in clothes that don't cover me from head to toe.

3. Boston - In case you've been living under a rock for the last few weeks, the Boston Marathon is this weekend. I'm excited to empty my savings at the Expo, hang out with some awesome bloggers and run a little 5k on Sunday morning. It'll be my first time in Boston since I left in June and now that I've finally come to terms with Boston, I'm ready and excited to go back.

Those are my 3 things for Thursday!
I'm home sick today because I feel blah...thanks NY weather for fluctuating like the Stock Market.
I'm still going to try and go for a run because it's actually somewhat nice outside. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

*Saturday Update: I'm 12 miles outside of Boston and can't wait to get there! While catching up on blogs from the bus, I noticed that at 5 Miles Past Empty is having an awesome giveaway! She's giving away an Allied Medal Display which I've never seen before and really want! Click here to enter!


  1. That sounds like an AWESOME living arrangement! you can't beat a free apartment in the city! and above the gym and Trader Joe's? Girl, you lucked out like WHOA.

    And I heart Hoboken too, but I think you'll love the city much more with your new kicks. :)

    Have fun on Boston!! :D

  2. Can. Not. Wait. To. See. You. SOON!!!!!!

  3. Wow, #1 is awesome. That is too good of a deal and opportunity to pass. Isn't it crazy how drastically the weather changes. Last week (here in AZ) it hit 100 one week and a week or two later it was snowing. It's nuts!

  4. What a great opportunity! Having your housing paid for is a HUGE blessing! I'd would have taken it too. :)

  5. Oh how fun to do the Boston marathon! :) Tell us how it goes.

  6. oh wow, that sounds like an awesome perk! wow! see you this weekend!

  7. dont worry Christy, I have dry eyes too, though mine have been getting better after I cut down on computer time, n started washing them frm time to time.

    anyways I have forwarded the Versatile Blogger's award to you. here's the post. I hope you accept it.

  8. I love how everything just fell into place with regard to your housing situation! Sounds like you scored!

    I am going to be Boston Marathon blog-stalking tomorrow...so looking forward to reading recaps from fellow runners!


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