April 18, 2011

A Marathon of a Weekend

This weekend was amazing. It was the first time since I started grad school that I've completely abandoned school work and just did things because I wanted to. Add some amazing friends (old and new), a few blog meet ups, a 5k PR and spectating the marathon of all marathons and I was one happy girl this weekend!

The weekend started entirely too early on Saturday morning with a Bus trip to Boston. After a power nap and some school work, we made it into Boston's South Station and I headed straight to my friend Sarah's to drop off my stuff and go to the Expo to pick up our race packets for Sunday's 5k.

After the Expo, I headed over to Kim and Lizzy's Happy Hour with Emily where I stuffed my face with cupcakes, got an awesome goodie bag and won a new pair of shoes! Best Happy Hour ever!

From Happy Hour 1, I headed to Happy Hour 2 and met up with some more awesome bloggers before heading to dinner with a friend and going back to where I was staying to pass out in prep for the next morning's 5k! The Start of the 5k was a Blogger Block Party and so many bloggers were there including my favorite Texas runner/blogger:

Ally from The Shabby Princess

The 5k was amazing! Even though the course ran through my normal running route from when I lived in Boston, it was so great to be back there and enjoying it and running a good, strong race because I wanted to, not because I was vetting my frustrations from my boss! 

The race started in Copley Square and ran up Boylston Street and along Boston Common. At the Start, I ran into Danielle who offered to pace me. It took a minute for my Garmin to adjust and we spent the first half mile or so weaving in and out of the crowd of 5,000 miles and hit Mile 1 just at the top of Park Street in front of the State House. I totally missed the Mile Marker and was shocked when she asked how we were at Mile 1! From Mile 1 was a fast downhill down Beacon Street where I lost Danielle (it was just too crowded!) to the Public Garden and onto Commonwealth Ave. The one regret I have of this race was that I didn't really take a whole lot in, partially because I knew the course so well, partially because I was aiming for a PR and partially because it was humid and raining and my glasses were fogging up! Anyway, we got onto Comm and I was so thirsty! That whole drinking water in the morning never actually happened so I was itching to finish! Comm Ave was pretty thin so it was easy for me to pick up some speed as we made the left onto Hereford and left onto Boylston to run through to the finish! Final Time? 25:09 a 5k PR!

Post-Race with my friend Sarah who ran her first 5k!
An early morning 5k of course calls for Brunch! So a bunch of us blogging folks headed to Stephanie's on Newbury for some food!

LPT and I!
Spike and Morgan!
Katie showing some serious love!
   It was an awesome way to spend a Sunday morning! And as much as I'd love to keep writing about the whirlwind rest of the weekend I had, it's going to have to wait because I'm exhausted!

Hope you all had a great start to the week!


  1. I know this is terrible of me to say, but I am SO JEALOUS that you not only had the chance to run this race, but that you also got to meet up with some of your fellow blog-runners. ::jealous!::

    It's moments like these when I am reminded that I live on a ROCK in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and that blog-meet-ups and fellow running-mates are few and far between. :( Waaaahhhhh!

    Nevertheless, I'm glad you had a chance to meet up with some of your fellow blog-runners...what a fun weekend! Congrats on your PR! I am in awe!!! :)


  2. AWESOME! As always, so proud!! Glad that you were able to truly enjoy Boston! =)

  3. Do you get medals for the 5k? AWESOME race weekend :)

  4. It sounds like you had a great time! And congrats on the 5k time. I love love love running and should definitely get involved in more races!

  5. congrats on the PR and for having an awesome weekend :)

  6. yahoo!! what a great 5K! Totally amazing!

  7. love the pictures girl :) GREAT TIME! you're amazing! have a fabulous tuesday!

  8. Awhhh, LOVE that pic of you and me! I had so much fun with you! I can't wait until you come to Texas for a visit!

  9. AHH! So many things. Congrats AGAIN on your super duper PR! And it was SO great to finally meet you. Feel free to move to DC, k thanks.

  10. I'm so happy I got to see your beautiful face again this year!!! Congrats on the PR and I miss you already!!!

  11. im going to take you up on your citi field offer!!!!

  12. SO happy i saw you this weekend!! i want to see you again ASAP! Congrats again on the 5k pr!

  13. WHOO HOO for a 5K PR!!! So excited for you! And yet...so jealous I didn't get to be there! NEXT YEAR! Me, you and Lauren are going to rock that crap out of that 5K, I promise! Looks like a great weekend, and so glad you put school work aside for some serious fun! Hope all is well! xoxoxo

  14. Just got here from Run for the Bling of It but I met you there that day too. (EMily's mom) Congrats on the PR!

  15. It was so nice to have met you!!!! One of the best thing that came from the weekend was meeting new bloggers!!!!

    PS- Your blog is so pretty!!!!!


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