April 4, 2011

love/don't love

1. All of your comments about the Cherry Blossom were wonderful. I'm in the process of responding to each and every one of them but it just goes to show how much more I love this blog. And all of you. Love.
2. It was 80 degrees in DC today. It was supposed to be a rest day for me but I couldn't resist so I went for an easy 3.5 miles around the Mall. Love.

3. My knee has been hurting a lot the last 2 days. I haven't been to PT since before spring break so I really need to jump back on that. Don't Love.
4. So far, the business side of my DC trip is going great. This is the 7th time I've been here in less than a year and a half and every time, I want to move here more. I freaking love this city. Love.
5. Next week is the BAA 5k. I can't wait to go back to Boston and see everyone! I got my race packet in the mail last week and I'm super excited! Love.

6. Despite how hard this weekend was, the loves are far outweighing the don't loves this week. Love.
7. I signed up for the NYRR 4-mile in Central Park in 2 weeks. It'll be my 3rd NYRR race (towards 9) and I'm definitely trying to squeeze in at least 2 more before I leave this summer. Love.
8. Speaking of leaving this summer, I'm adding a few stops to my international travel itinerary this summer. I was accepted into an International Law class that is taking me to the Netherlands, Bosnia and Serbia! So I'll be in Europe for a few weeks before heading to Sri Lanka this summer! Love.

 Belgrade, Serbia via

9. I'm still debating whether to run the NJ Half-Marathon in 3 weeks. I feel like running it even moreso after missing the Cherry Blossom but race registration is $100 and that's pretty steep. Don't Love.
10. I went and saw Source Code with Jake Gyllenhaal tonight. It was unbelievable. Seriously, go see this movie. Love.

That's that! I hope you all had a wonderful Monday!
Thanks again for your wonderful comments!


  1. so exciting to hear about your travels.

  2. Glad you're feeling better and finding so much to be positive about!

  3. I really want to see Source Code. I hope one day I can run as many races as you. Happy MOnday.

  4. Love the Cherry Blossom pic! I'm glad you are having a good time in DC :) Your summer trip is getting better every day, good for you!!

  5. i love that you have so much love this week! i also love that even though airlines suck, you still are running another race with me this month!


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