March 24, 2011

three things thursday

1. The Book List - I recently finished reading "Midnight's Children" off The Book List. It was the first book I've ever read that was written in stream of consciousness and actually enjoyed. It's about a man, Saleem Sinai, who was born at midnight on the day India became independent from Great Britain. The title refers to all of the children born at midnight on this momentous anniversary and the special linkage they all have to one another. It was really long but I liked it a lot. However, I made the mistake of starting "Middlemarch" on my Kindle the day after finishing "Midnight's Children" and realizing that its over 800 pages. Reading an 800+ book after finishing a 500+ page book is not exactly my cup of tea but I don't like starting a book and not finishing it so I'm stuck. Oh well!

2. Yoga - I came across an article in an old issue of Women's Health that I was reading at the spa yesterday that talked about the benefits of yoga for runners. I've always liked yoga but have never gotten into the serious practice of it because yoga classes are really expensive and I just don't have a strong enough zen-like discipline to do yoga in my living room so I'm taking a hot yoga class on Saturday. I've only ever done Bikram and really like it so I'm kind of hesitant to try anything else. This is a "Bikram Inspired" Hot Yoga class so we'll see how it goes.

3. Post-Race Recovery - As you all know, I ran a race on Sunday. By the way, you're all amazing for the awesome comments you left me! Aside from the post-race glow, I also have a severe case of rosy red cheeks from blushing from all the comments you left! Anyway, the race was on Sunday. On Monday, I worked but took it easy and stretched and foam rolled for close to an hour when I got home. Tuesday, when I got home, I attempted an easy 3 mile run. Well, I ran 2 miles and couldn't run any faster than an 11:04 pace which is close to 3 minutes slower than what I should be able to run that pace at. I just felt so uncoordinated! I felt fine afterward but definitely didn't run yesterday and opted for a massage instead =) Running today probably won't be an option since it's snowing...let's not talk about that. But I'm wondering, how long do you wait after a race to run again? Is this normal or did I go too fast too soon?
That's what's going on my end! I'm looking forward to a super relaxing weekend of sleeping in, yoga, running with friends, a little retail therapy, some studying and baking!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I just got back into yoga, and because I'm on a budget, I'm in love with this dvd- 'hemaalaya's yoga for young bodies'. It's really helped my running- loosened up my hip flexors and helped me to pick up my pace a bit!

    I'll have to give Bikram a go, I've always been nervous to try. I just wish I could afford to get a membership- soo pricey!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend ahead!

    I really love yoga. I've taken a few classes at my gym, however, my schedule is such that I can't get to them often. I'm hoping that changes over the summer!

  3. Take it easy this week, you deserve the race after a great race! And your body will be thankful:)

  4. I'm also trying to get myself back into yoga again - this is going to sound horrible - but I always get to the gym and then rather decide to do cardio or run on the treadmill because I would rather burn more calories - but I need to just suck it up and do it once or twice a week because I think it does wonders for your health :)

    I ran cross country, but those races are only 5kms so I would in no way be able to relate to you on that one! :) Congrats again on the PR!

    ps - I'm going to look for a running group this weekend :)

  5. Congrats on your PR! That is an amazing time! You earned it, lady! I love your dedication to your training!

  6. Ooh I'd love to hear how yoga went! I've been dying to take a hot yoga class, but I haven't been able to find one that's not 40 miles away and one million dollars.

    And congrats on your PR! That's awesome!


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