February 24, 2011

three things thursday

Holy moly! I can't believe I haven't posted since last week's Three Things Thursday! This week has just been overwhelming! Trying to catch up with things at school and work has been crazy after being away for 2 consecutive weekends, but I'm back and I'm *almost* all caught up with everything!

1. Weekend - This weekend was great! I love DC and hate that I don't live there sometimes. I got in on Friday night just in time to meet up with some friends for a birthday celebration for my friend Drew. Saturday morning was an early-ish start for a 10-ish mile run through the 40+ mph winds and monuments with Emily who I love and can't wait to see again in Boston! After spending Saturday shopping, I headed home for a quick nap and then to a Blacklight Party (!) with my friend Steph! It was fantastic. Sunday, I hitched a ride back with a friend who was heading North for a wedding and went to my mom's house for a family birthday dinner. Monday, I enjoyed my day off by spending it with my nieces and cupcakes! Successful weekend? I say yes!

Emily and I just at the end of our run. 

Apparently, black light outfits don't show up in pictures...my hot pink compression socks on the other hand were phenomenal in recovering my legs and glowing in the dark!
My 10-year-old niece digging into her cookies n' cream cupcake from Crumbs!

2. Garmin - As of this Sunday, I am now the proud owner of a Garmin 405 CX...who has never used her Garmin 405 CX. That's right! My mom bought me one for my birthday! Woohoo!! I have honestly been so busy this week that I haven't had time to start playing with it but that's what tonight is for and I can't wait to try it out for my race and my long run this weekend! Any tips for a first name Garmin owner? Do people really name them?

3. You Know You're a Runner When... - You start stressing about where you'll be running while out of the country when you don't even know specifically where in the country you're going to be living. That's right guys. I'll be in Sri Lanka for about 7 weeks and am already trying to figure out how/when/where/if I can run. I did learn that Sri Lanka has a marathon...unfortunately, it's in October and I will have left by then but seriously...in a country with average annual temperatures of 80 degrees, running is definitely going to be a challenge! Especially since I'll be training for a fall marathon by then!

2010 Colombo Marathon, Colombo, Sri Lanka

That's that! I've got a busy day ahead that involves working, a meeting, class, a 6 mile tempo run,  finishing up the last of my school work for this evening's class and packing for this weekend's race!

Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. ahh yay! love your 3 things and OMG i love my Garmin- seriously can't live home without ( i think i blogged about it once haha) have a fabulous thursday girl!

  2. That backlight party looks like so much fun!... I have never been to one, but will keep my eye out in the future!

    And Sri Lanka... again... so exciting! I will be vicariously living through you this summer!


  3. Sri Lanka!?!? Why are you going there!! I am super jealous!!

  4. Hi! I found you via FTLOB :)

    I think it's awesome you're trying to complete this list before you turn 25 & I also really admire your hard work in terms of physical activity/fitness. I'm in graduate school (MA English), too, so I know how hard it is to fit everything in sometimes. I'm adding you to my subscriptions!

    Rachel Parker @ Grown Up Rachel

  5. So jealous of your Garmin! Name it something fun and that no one else has..

    I want one of those cupcakes, HA!


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