February 15, 2011

Birthday Guest Blog!

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Hello, everyone! 

I'm Julie, author of Brown Eyed Belle, paying you a visit to wish Christy a happy happy birthday today and invite you to join me in a virtual bloggy birthday party just for her! After all, this sweet lady deserves the most special day any girl could ask for!


As I was brainstorming and searching for inspiration for this special birthday celebration, my mind kept going back to the giggles and fun of childhood parties- the dressing up, the cake, the presents, the laughter, the splendor of having one day be all about you! I wanted to bring that excitement over here today for Miss Christy- with a few grown-up touches thrown in here and there!

Welcome to the party, loves!


 (Images via 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Thank you all so much for joining me today and please take a moment to leave Christy a little birthday message!


  1. Beautiful post! Happy Birthday Christy! I hope you have an amazing day! :)

  2. Happy Birthday dear :) love this guest blogger and all the pictures. It reminds me of my childhood birthdays xoxo


    PS Got my CD last night and so so so so excited to listen to it!

  4. Happy happy birthday christy. I hope it's very special!!!

  5. Happy Happy Birthday! I love the photos in this post and hope your birthday week is filled with happiness and celebration!



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