October 19, 2010

#13 Watch every episode of The Office

I did it! After almost 7 months, I finally finished watching every episode of The Office! I'm all caught up now and loving Season 7!

Why I did it: I've always loved The Office and used to watch the British version while living in London but had never really gotten into the American version until last year. I would watch the show but would always be confused about some underlying back story like...Angela is engaged to Andy but sleeping with Dwight?! The Pilot loves the show and would always quote some episode that I had to watch, so I put it on my list! I started watching all of the episodes after work when I was still in Boston and it definitely provided the comic relief I needed to get me through the rough days I had during my last few months at my old job.

How I did it: Netflix Watch Instantly! This feature is fantastic! I didn't even have Netflix but used to watch the episodes off of a friend's account who gave me her password. I finally subscribed myself and I have to say, this Watch Instantly feature is also helping me knock a ton of movies off of  The Movie List! There were a few moments when I doubted Netflix, like when they pulled The Office from Watch Instantly 3 episodes before I finished Season 5...and then brought it back a week later, and then when I had to wait nearly 4 months for Season 6 to be available, but it came through and I finally watched them all!

Best part? Michael Scott's incredible one-liners, getting a little teary eyed while watching Jim and Pam finally tie the knot, realizing that Dwight is a lot like that one nerdy kid that you were really good friends with in high school, seeing a lot of myself and The Pilot in Jim and Pam, learning the important skills of how not to run an office.

Now, as I watch Season 7, I'll know exactly what's going on! Although, I'm still really hoping for Erin & Andy to get together ;)

That's 1 thing off the list! 24 to go!


  1. I've tried to watch every episode but TBS only plays certain ones & then I never know when it's on channel 4 so I'm like Ahh!! Good for you! One day I'll know what's going on. hehe *That's what she said!* =P

  2. Yet another reason you are so totally awesome. I loooove The Office. Last season wasn't the best--although, Jim & Pam's wedding and the baby episodes were hilarious. They are back on with their comic genius so far this season, which is awesome.

  3. YAY!!!!!

    I love the Office and I love Netflix Instaqueue for letting me watch hours upon hours of my favorite show. i am not caught up yet but I have been having marathons of the past season to get caught up. :)

  4. its one of the best shows and his one liners are always hilarious!

    my favorite would have to be when he's prison mike and he tells ryan that he would be "da bell of da ball" haha and when he calls dwight an ignorant slut. he keeps me laughing so hard!!

  5. I definitely cried during the wedding episode too.

  6. What number is "try a pole dancing class"?

    I'm hosting a pole dancing class at S Factor on November 11 with Her Journey. I'm super excited about it, and I'm sure you'd love it. If it's not on your list, I think it should be an honorary number 26. :-)


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