June 17, 2010

three things thursday

1. Knee Update - So I went for a 3.5 mile run on Monday and felt ok, not great, but ok throughout. When I got home, I immediately stretched, iced and put on compression socks and was feeling pretty good all day. I woke up the next morning and I couldn't walk. I was in so much pain. I called the doctor who can't see me until Monday. I'm still hurting a lot, not nearly as bad as Tuesday, but I'm definitely limping and trying not to take pain killers every 5 minutes (I hate taking meds), so it's safe to say that I won't be racing Boston 13.1 next week which I'm really bummed about. I'll keep you all posted as to what the doc says. I'm hoping it's nothing too bad and that I'll be back running in time for Marathon Training in August. The main source of my optimism comes from the fact that about 7 years ago, I had surgery following a dance injury and was back on stage in 2 weeks. So, I'm trying to stay positive.

2. The Office - I posted last week here about how Netflix has pulled the Watch Instantly option from The Office. I had gathered this information from the fact that it wasn't there and an article on Google said that NBC was looking to pull all of it's shows from Netflix. Well, I want on a few days later and it was back! So I finished watching Season 5 of The Office. I'm not yet crossing this off My List since Season 6 doesn't come out until September, but I'm getting closer to being able to cross something off The List! (I'm secretly happy that I'm not able to cross it off yet. I don't want to look like a couch potato who does nothing but watch episodes of The Office when I have so many other things to do!)

3. Boston/Moving Update - I'm finally going back to Boston tonight. I haven't been to my apartment since I left after my last day of work. I had planned to go back on Tuesday but seeing as I couldn't walk, I didn't want to tackle my 5 floor walk up, but I'm seriously sick of living in limbo. I've been staying at my mom's house where I'm living out of a suitcase and half living in my old room and half moving downstairs, but also have all of my stuff at my apartment. I don't move into my New York apartment until August and I hate that I'm just kind of in limbo with my stuff here and there and that I have to move out of Boston, into my mom's house and then out of my mom's and into my new place all in the course of this summer. It's a huge pain in the ass. Add to that that I'm living in central New Jersey without a car and I basically sit home all day doing nothing but icing my knee and it kind of sucks. If it weren't for the World Cup, I'd seriously die.

No idea what's in store for the weekend yet, but it's sure to be a good one!


  1. So sorry about your knee and the half-marathon! :( Praying it gets better quick in time for marathon training!!

    And yeah, that moving sounds like a butt. Bribe some local friends with food to help you out. Usually works. :)

    But on to some happy news, I just saw on your Daily Mile that you're running the Diva Half Marathon in the city and I am THISCLOSE to registering for that one too! I've been thinking about it for a while, but am hesitant to do so because I'm signed up for the Philly RnR two weeks before. But knowing you're running it makes me want to sign up more!

  2. Injuries just plain stink...sorry to hear about your knee. :( Hope you are feeling better soon!!

  3. I use to have bad knee problems and it was so painful. I totally feel for you. I hope you get some good news from the doctor when you go. Sorry that you are going through this. Ugh. Also, The Office is awesome! I haven't watched season 6 either but I know it is on hulu.com and I am so tempted.

  4. that stinks that your knee is still giving you problems! but yay for the office being put back on netflix! i still need to watch season 6 as well :)

  5. Ooh sorry to hear about your knee.Hope you feel better soon.

  6. There is no shame in Office marathons. I have them all the time!

  7. ugh! Being injured is the absolute worst!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Email me and I will hook you up with the coupon code for the sunglasses! OrangeBlossom already used hers and said it was actually 55% off two pairs! Wow! I thought it was 25! And free shipping!!

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