June 22, 2010

It's summer! Time to spend sum mer time outside!

Hey everyone! (My title is super cheesy, I know)

Happy Tuesday! And Happy 2nd day of Summer! The official day of summer marked for me - a need to seriously get my ass in gear to start celebrating the summer! Since quitting my job and actually having a summer, I've sadly, spent most of my days in doors icing my knee and watching the World Cup. While my weekends have been fabulous, it's time to start spending more time outside on the weekdays, so today, I'm off to the pool with my sister and her beautiful girls! Let acting like a kid all day begin!

I didn't do anything to celebrate summer yesterday as I was sleeping pretty much all day. I woke up with some bad allergies and took an allergy pill that knocked me off my feet in the worst kind of way! It was awful!

Anyways, this weekend was both busy, relaxing and fun all in one!

Friday - I was in Boston with my mom moving out so we loaded up her car and headed back to Jersey. When I got home, The Pilot and I had an IOU date to go see Toy Story 3.

Seriously, this movie was amazing - it was definitely the best of the three Toy Story movies and I definitely shed a few tears watching this one!

Saturday - I wasn't feeling too well in the morning, so I laid in bed finishing up the next book off my list.  When I was up on my feet, The Pilot and I headed down the shore to go visit his grandparents and spend the day at their house, which is right on the water...I love it there! We picked crabs and clams right out of the water and cooked them right there...yummmmmy!

Sunday - The Pilot umpires Little League on the weekend, so I went to watch one of his games and then we hung out watching Will Ferrel movies and YouTube videos, got some ice cream with his dad and called it a night!

Yesterday, I went to the doctor to get my knee checked out and seriously, I'm so annoyed - they took an X-Ray, saw nothing and told me to schedule an MRI and come back. It took 2 weeks to get this appointment and I knew that's what they were going to tell me. So now, I have to schedule my MRI and wait what? Another 2 weeks to see the doctor? I need to get fixed and I need to go running. It's driving be absolutely crazy not being able to go run...my legs are just getting that itch and I'm so tempted to just hit the pavement and go. 

Sorry for the mini rant! Have a great Tuesday everyone! Stay tuned this week for my next book review, another recipe (or 2!) and hopefully, more updates about my knee!


  1. Hope your knee feels better. Nothing wrong with couch potatoing... especially when it's to watch the World Cup. Cristianoooooooo. Oh my God *sigh*

  2. I hope you get your MRI asap!! I had to get one for my head and it took 30 days because my Dr is a moron lol. Sounds like a fun day by the pool!!

  3. sounds like fun.

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  4. Toy Story! I have yet to see it. My friend went to see it and he wanted to say "move kids! i've been waiting 11 yrs for this!" haha.

    Hope you get your knee figured out! My super always exercising/running brother is also dealing with knee issues. First a meniscus repair surgery, now an ACL!!

  5. 2 weeks is an insanely long time to wait for an MRI appt!
    I advise no matter how much it drives you nuts, DO NOT GO RUNNING if its still giving you problems. Signs of over training. I still have problems with my hips from over training. I hate it!

    P.S. Im going to start my own training next week! And when you get running again in a race ill try to run that distance that day if im up to those miles yet. :D

  6. A little off topic...
    but saw your goal to visit all mlb ball parks and knew i had to follow your blog! i'm a fan of another team in the nl east but we won't go there. :)

    look forward to following your blog. :)

    and a-team is another great summer movie!

  7. Uhmm hi. Your blog is LEGIT. As are you. I don't really ever use that word, because it reminds me of 16 year old white boys trying to be cool but I think legit is the best word to use in this case. I love your goals and I'm excited to see how they all go!


  8. Hi Christy, i've been away for awhile so i've missed hearing about your knee! :-( sorry to hear about it. i'm sorry you won't be running Sunday but sounds like it's def for the best! we will miss you! hope you have a speedy recovery!

  9. ts3?! i heard it was awesome! i cant wait to see it!

  10. I gotta watch Toy Story 3 soon...


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