April 6, 2010


I received my third award today! This one comes from Heather at The Sunset Won't! Check out her blog!

The rules of the award are to list ten things that make me happy and then pass it on to five other blogs!
Here goes!

1. Hearing "Slide" by the Goo Goo Dolls when I'm not expecting it. - "Slide is hands down, my favorite song of all time. No matter what, if I'm upset about something, this song can cheer me up, from the second those first guitar chords are played. (Click the picture to have a listen!)

2. Being with my nieces and nephews. - I am the middle child of 7 and it has been 10 years since the 7 of us have all been together. My three older sisters have 5 kids between them and whenever we get together, I just love being with them. I'm closest with my sister Tatiana who has the most beautiful girls (8 and 3) and I love going home to see them. 

3. Soaking up the sun.- I am a warm weather girl, there's no way around it! My parents were both born on islands and I grew up with an outdoor pool in sunny Texas! Just being in the sun absolutely exhilarates me! (My friend snagged this photo of me without me knowing!)

4. The smile The Pilot gives me when we see each other. - My boyfriend has a great smile and being in a long distance relationship can be hard, but when we see each other, he just flashes me this smile that makes me feel like we were never apart. (That was mushy, sorry!)

5. The uncontrollable laughter that my mom, sister and I get when we're together. - Our favorite thing is to watch YouTube videos and we just get that out-of-control, need-to-pee-in-your-pants, tears-streaming-down-your-face, hyperventilating kind of laughter that is just amazing. My mom's boyfriend says our laugh is sinister. Maybe it is, but I love it. 

6. Getting mail! - Graduating and getting a job sure made me grow up fast! But when I open my mail box and find a letter or a post card from a friend and no bills, it's just the most wonderful feeling!

7. Saturday mornings. - I love waking up on a Saturday and realizing that there's just a big, open weekend ahead of me that I can do whatever I want with! This Saturday was like that. It was beautiful out! I had laundry and grocery shopping and cleaning to do and you know what? I didn't do any of it and I'm glad that I didn't, because I just enjoyed myself!

8. A really good Homily at Mass. - I love going to church and I love when the priest just delivers something that sits so close to you and makes you feel like God is talking through the priest to answer MY prayers. It's a great feeling. This year for Lent, I went to Mass every day, instead of giving something up and there sure were a lot of Homilies like that and it made my faith so much stronger and THAT makes me happy.

9. Clean sheets.- Who doesn't love lying down on crisp, clean sheets before bed and waking up with that hint of detergent smell around you?

10. Baseball. - In case you missed it in my last post, I love baseball. I love ball park peanuts and games where the sun sets right around the 5th inning. I love that you never even notice the sun has set until you realize that the lights are on in the park. I love the sound of the crack of a bat and the cheers from the crowd. I love the sing-a-longs and the crowd shots on the score board. I love watching a guy with his son at his first ball game. I love when the home team wins and the crowd goes nuts. I love the energy that just flows through the park. I love cold beers at the 7th inning stretch. I love bottom-of-the-ninth-bases-loaded close games when your team wins.

Pictures from Last Season
The sun setting on CitiField.

Fenway Park

What makes you happy? I'd love to know! Leave a post about something that makes you happy!

I'm sharing this award with: 

Chelsie at Chelsie Denson


  1. Love the list! My fav's:

    #2 - My "nephew" aka best friends son has the greatest laugh in all the world. I love belly laughs, they can melt away even the worst day!

    #4 - I'm in a LDR too and I totally understand that smile, it's my favorite part of our visits to one another, that first smile. *le sigh*

    #7 - Nothing makes me happier than finishing my long run Saturday morning long before most people are up and knowing I still have my entire weekend to play!

    #9 - Is there anything more luxurious than clean sheets? Me thinks no. :)

  2. dang girl, you're getting popular! :)

  3. massimo!?!? LOL!!! that just made me laugh while sitting in my office. thank you for that!

  4. I do love clean sheets =]
    Plus a little blog shout out for ya in my newest post!


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