March 14, 2010

When it rains, it pours!

Anyone living on the Northeast part of the country will have been trapped this weekend in a seemingly never-ending downpour, the likes of which, I for one have never seen before. Seriously I was in West Africa just at the beginning of the rainy season this past summer and I think it rained less!

Anyway, despite the incessant rain, I have had a fantastic weekend with Mom! We went and got manicures yesterday and I, in the spirit of St. Patrick's Day got a GREEN manicure! It was quite bold, but I'm very happy with it!


Moms and I also went and saw Alice and Wonderland and had a fab dinner at one of my fav restaurants in Boston!

Today after she left, it was time for a run and some heavy duty spring cleaning! I'm a bit exhausted from cleaning all day, but my apartment looks great and I bought this new frame collage from Bed, Bath & Beyond that I put up today and I love it! My bedroom walls have been ridiculously bare since I moved into my apartment in's about time I got something up on the walls. Here it is!

It's got pictures of my family, friends and boyfriend and it makes a great addition to my room!

I had two great runs this weekend...well yesterday was a GREAT run and today's was ok...because of the downpour (and continuous cold in Boston), I ran on the treadmill at the gym, which I really don't mind although I realized this weekend that people at my gym are a bit less than normal...for example:
  • There was a woman doing yoga in the steam room COMPLETELY NUDE.
  • A man belly flopped into the 4 foot end of the 25 meter LAP POOL. 
  • The man next to me on the treadmill today was not wearing deodorant and well, I had to switch treadmills as it got so bad! 
Maybe the rain has just got everybody mad...ah well, it's supposed to wind down tomorrow and stop. Let's hope that's true!


  1. I saw Alice in Wonderland yesterday! I loved it! & I also love your green manicure!

  2. Hey baby.. the colage looks awsome. I had a fabulous weekend in Boston.. Thank you!!!!

  3. I LOVE the collage frame! Super cute :-) I may just have to go and get one for myself lol


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