March 11, 2010

Bit of an off day, really...

Today was just one of those days that was just off. To start, I was a bit congested last night and took some nighttime cold medicine making it impossible for me to wake up this morning. Then once I got to work, it started raining and I didn't have an umbrella or galoshes or anything, bummer!

Ok that's enough complaining for one post!

Today's run went pretty well! My thighs and hamstrings were SO sore after Core Fusion yesterday, but I actually managed to get my run in a few seconds shorter than Tuesday's, which was great! I followed the same play list as Tuesday and will probably keep the same one for Saturday's and Sunday's runs as well.

I registered for a 10k with two of my friends for April 11! I'm nervous/excited about it but running it with friends will definitely help! I heard the course is a bit tough and full of hills, but it's also supposed to be a beautiful New England run, so I definitely plan to run it and to prep myself for it, I'm going to start adding inclines to my short runs, so we'll see how that goes starting next week!

Now, on to some blog news: you'll notice that I added Pages to the top of my blog with my lists for Ball Parks, Books and Movies that I need to see/read in the next 2 years! I decided to change my book list from the BBC Top 100 to Newsweek's Top 100, an explanation is on The Book Page. I also found a great website which will help me watch some of those old and foreign films on The Movies list. The website is Check it out!

Other news, I got accepted to the University of Texas at Austin! I've now been accepted to 4 out of 6 schools I applied to and am eagerly awaiting the decisions of the other two schools!

I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday! I'm definitely ready for the weekend! My mom is coming to visit and I've got loads planned for our rainy Boston weekend!

Until next time!

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