March 16, 2020

March Madness: Social Distancing Edition

March is a weird month for me. It's the month I found out I was pregnant with my first baby and the month my second was due. I always feel like I'm grappling with a lot of different emotions in March but this month - wow.

What is even going on in the world? I'm so disheartened by the response to this coronavirus outbreak. It has brought out the absolute worst in society - from those hoarding cleaning supplies and soap to those throwing parties and going out to bars in spite of all recommendations for social distancing.

It's tough to know what to think. I don't think the media is blowing things out of proportion but I feel like I'm constantly wavering between feelings of calm and panic. There doesn't seem to be a middle ground for me but I don't think I'm alone in this.

Aurora's daycare has stayed open, which on the one hand is a blessing because I will have to telework starting later this week but on the other hand makes me wonder if sending her every day is the right call.

I saw something on Instagram yesterday that said that maybe this is the universe's way of telling us all to slow down. I don't know that I fully agree with that but I can say - this is a very different change of pace for me and I'm pretty OK with it. Here are a few things I'm doing (or attempting) to stay calm in the midst of actual chaos:

Daily Yoga - Today marks my 75th straight day of an at-home yoga practice. What started as a 30 Day Challenge that I put zero pressure on myself to actually accomplish in 30 days, has turned into an almost necessary part of my day. Right now, having that is so helpful in attempting to zone out and take some time for myself. I usually practice in the morning before Aurora wakes up, during her nap time when I'm home, or right after she goes to bed. I'm a pretty avid follower of Yoga with Adriene and highly recommend her YouTube channel!

Running - Ok, today was the first time I ran since the Disney Princess 13.1 three weeks ago BUT I knew I wanted to take a long break from running and today I started back up with an easy 2 miles. I'm hoping that things in the world calm down by the summer because I am officially registered to run this year's Marine Corps Marathon. I don't have any races planned this spring (they've all been canceled anyway) but it's time to start focusing on building a strong base before I start training this summer.

Getting Outdoors - I'm fortunate that we live next to some great trails and green space and can get outside frequently. We also have a huge backyard. This weekend, we took several long walks with Aurora and Peyton and spent a lot of time in the backyard. It's still a little brisk for my taste but I'm hoping that changes soon. I'm so glad that this mess is happening in early spring as opposed to the dead of winter. I'll take the silver linings where I can get them!

House Stuff - More time at home means more time to do stuff around the house. My house is immaculately clean right now and it's wonderful! Over the next few weeks, I plan to use the time I'm hoping to organize all of my closets and my laundry room, finally, finish the mural in Aurora's room, and maybe paint my guest room.

I'm trying to stay positive and calm in the midst of all of this. It's hard to do that when it seems that the entire world is at a standstill right now but I wanted to come here and write, to put my feelings out there and start a conversation about how everyone else is feeling...and you know, get back on track with my goal to post once per week!

Drop a note below and let me know how you're doing with all of this!

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