January 8, 2018

One Week in Seattle

In early November, I headed out to Seattle on a business trip. It was my second time in Seattle and I was excited to head back and see more of the city that I had low expectations for but really fell in love with!

My coworkers and I arrived late on a Tuesday night after about 6 hours of flight delays, rebooked flights, and changed airports! We were originally supposed to land later afternoon so I was bummed to lose a night in Seattle.

We were staying south of the city, in Renton, which isn't too far from downtown. Our Airbnb was at the top of a hill with beautiful views of the water from almost everywhere in the house. 

We had a full view of meetings our first day there and had plans to head downtown afterward to Pike Place Market. The sun was starting to set as we were leaving the office and we made a stop at the Renton Municipal Airport, which had incredible views of the water, especially with the planes all coming into land!

We got to Pike Place just after dark. Most things were shutting down for the day but we popped into a few little shops and settled in for dinner at the Virginia Inn. We had a big crowd for dinner and the food was delicious! Almost everything on the menu was in season and there were delicious fall flavors in almost every dish!

I love traveling to the West Coast because you get reverse jet lag so I got up the next morning and tried to run but was having some knee pain so I went for a long walk instead. Fall was in full view just about everywhere in Seattle and there were so many different colors on all of the trees!

After another full day of meetings, we headed back to the city. It was my job to organize a fun outing for my team so we went to the Space Needle and then had drinks at a local brewpub.

We arrived at the Space Needle at about 5:30, just before sunset, which was perfect! I've been to the top of a lot of buildings but I have to say, the Space Needle is probably one of my favorites! Even though it was FREEZING (and insanely windy) up there, it was so amazing to see all of Seattle, to watch the sunset over the city, and see the lights come on and the city come to life at night. It was an awesome experience!

My favorite thing (aside from the fact that the interior of the Space Needle smelled like maple syrup and buttered popcorn) was the Virtual Reality feature where you can do a 360 VR bungee jump off the Space Needle or land a seaplane on Lake Union. That was cool!

Cold, and tired, we made our way to a local brewpub for dinner and a round of drinks at No Anchor. I have to say, I was pretty adventurous in my dining selections, opting for a shockingly pink beetroot gnocchi with a nice, dark Porter and Old Bay spiced chickpeas to finish it off. I was pretty happy with that!

The next morning, we woke up to snow! We had one more meeting to wrap up before all making our way back into Seattle. We ended up back in Pike Place and had lunch at the Steelhead Diner and then I made my way to Fremont to meet up with my friend Emily, who I was staying with for the night. Emily and her husband took me to dinner at Windy City, an amazing pizza place that serves Chicago style pizza. We ordered a white pie with Brussels sprouts and caramelized onions that may have been one of the best pizzas I've ever eaten. I can't remember if our waiter said the pizza had 1 or 3 pounds of cheese, but that's probably what made it so good!

On my last day in Seattle, Emily and I headed for a run together around Green Lake. This park is absolutely gorgeous and the fall leaves were some of the most impressive I've ever seen. We got in 8 miles before heading back to her place where I packed up, grabbed some breakfast, and headed to the airport - another excellent visit to Seattle in the books!

It was a great trip and I'm so glad I got to fit in so much to do on such a busy work trip!

Have you been to Seattle?

What should I do on my next trip there? 

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