December 18, 2017

We Bought a House!

Excuse the radio silence these last few weeks. This Time, it's for a reason other than being swamped with work. The Pilot and I bought a house! 

We closed on the 8th and moved in on a very snowy Friday. Moving has been adventurous and full of unexpected (and slightly unwelcome) surprises but I'm so excited and I can't believe this whole house is ours!

It's a 3-story row house (ahh!) with 4 bedrooms and it's more than double the size of any apartment I've ever lived in! Seriously, moving from a 2 bedroom apartment (that only had one furnished bedroom - the other had a desk, bookshelf, and nothing else) to a house this big is crazy. I have no idea how we're going to furnish it all. If you want to come visit, it's BYOB - bring your own bed...and at the moment, BYOL - bring your own lamp because our house was built without overhead lighting except in the kitchen, but I don't care. I don't mind carrying a lamp around to every room in our house because it's OURS! Obviously, we will buy lamps, but that might take a few days!

It has a huge kitchen with an eat-in dining room, a deck off the kitchen that I can't wait to spend every minute on once the weather warms up, and the biggest laundry room I've ever seen. It also has a fireplace that's been roaring every night since we moved in. 

There are so many things to do (like unpacking) but none of it feels like a chore because it's all so exciting! I can't wait to get settled so that we can start some fun home projects and really making it feel like home! I'll be sharing more pictures and as we get settled! 

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