July 3, 2017

June Recap .

This June had a theme: escape. I've mentioned before that I've been going through a lot lately and, once June rolled around, I just needed to get away. 

I've always been accused of running away from my problems but, in reality, I feel like it's the only thing that helps. You're so absorbed in the sights and sounds of a new place, and caught up in the experience of just being away, that it's easier to find your new normal when you get back.

I mentioned recently that I've just started running again after a lot more time off than I've taken in years and, those first few runs back felt impossible, but after three weeks, I'm finally back to a place where running feels good. 

Here's a look at how my month of June went;

Miles Run: 20

I'm actually surprised I ran this much. I'm just easing back into things but it feels good. I'd still like to run a fall marathon but training starts relatively soon and I'm not sure if it's smart to ramp up from 0 miles in 6 weeks to the 25 miles/week I need to kick off training. We'll see how I'm feeling though. I know I need to balance things with yoga and strength training to get there so I might start adding some barre classes to my routine.

Minutes of Yoga: 0. 

I finally went to yoga for the first time in almost two months yesterday and it felt so, so good. I took a 75-minute yoga class and, even though it wasn't a great class, I realized just how badly I needed to be in a place to just quiet my mind and focus.

Books Read: 3

Trips Taken: 2
New Recipes Made:

Cooking isn't at all something that has been a priority for me these last two months. To be honest, eating hasn't either. I haven't been eating well at all and have been eating out mostly because I haven't felt like shopping or cooking but my bank account felt the effects of that, so I finally made a meal plan last week and stuck to it. My favorites were Caprese Farro Salad from the Runner's World Cookbook and a Burst Tomato Linguini from Run Fast, East Slow. 

Blog Posts Written: 4!

Sadly, this is the most I've posted in a month since March. I know I've said this before, but this month, I really am committed to bringing my blog back. Call it a Half Year's Resolution, if you will. I've drafted some posts this weekend and am excited to start blogging regularly again.

The Month Ahead:
This month, I want to take care of myself which means, eating well, running regularly and balancing running with yoga and strength work, but also incorporating some meditation into my daily routine and learning to just breathe.

I want to make a serious effort to post on my blog regularly, starting with catching you all up on my Dubai trip in March (which was seriously amazing), and the two baseball stadiums I've crossed off my list! 

Lastly, vacation. Yup, a week-long European beachy vacation is just around the corner for me and I can't wait! I've never needed time away like this and I'm so ready to pack my bags and take off!

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