March 26, 2017

Sunday Sweats 13

I like to do my long runs on Saturday. It gives me the flexibility of having another day in the weekend in case something comes up. It also gives me the chance to start my training week on Monday. I've always struggled when my long runs have fallen to Sunday. I need to take Monday off and then I feel like there's a lot of pressure to get that workout in on Tuesday. If it doesn't happen, my whole week is thrown.

That's how this week went and it didn't turn out great. 

Monday: Planned Rest

Tuesday: Skipped
Tuesday was an unusually busy day at work and, when I left the office at 6 pm, I realized I hadn't eaten anything all day. At 7:00, when I was still stuck in traffic on the bus ride home, I knew I wasn't going to run. By the time I ate and wrapped up a few more things for work, it was 9:30. 

Wednesday: 4 miles 
(9:08 pace)
Wednesday was another crazy day but I booked some gym time on Classpass at a gym near my airport and settled in for 4 miles. My legs were pretty antsy from not having run in two days and I felt great. The miles flew by and felt easy, despite being below my goal pace, and I walked out of the gym feeling great about this run.

Thursday: 6 miles (9:19 pace)
I did not feel like running on Thursday. I had a stomach ache and was a little sore from the day before. Knowing I needed to run, I set out with the aim to do 4 miles and save my 6-miler for the next day, but about 2 miles in, I felt pretty good and kept going. It was a nice, solid run, and I was really happy with my pace. I also had a Nancy Pelosi sighting at the Capitol!

Friday: 4 miles (9:08 pace); Yoga (60 minutes)
Friday's run called for 4 miles with 2 at marathon goal pace. My target pace for a sub-4 marathon is 9:09 but over the last few weeks, I've been running close to that for my average runs. I decided just to see what I could do and ended up with my 2 target miles at 8:49 and 8:51. I was thrilled with this. I ran to a yoga studio downtown and then took a vinyasa class set to the soundtrack of Hamilton (which sounds awesome but didn't quite work.

 4 miles (10:07 pace)
I went to bed Friday night with plans to either run 4 or 14 on Saturday morning, depending on how I was feeling. When I woke up, my entire lower body hurt. I was so sore. I wasn't even sure about getting these 4 in but I decided to head out for a shakeout run and see how I felt. The first two miles were tough but then I settled in comfortably and it felt good to shake things out. For the rest of the day, though, I had a really bad tightness in my glute that foam rolling and stretching weren't helping. 

Sunday: Skipped
This morning, I really dragged my feet to head out for my run. My glute was still sore from the day before. I woke up, made breakfast, stretched, foam rolled, got dressed and headed out. Despite the weather saying it was 60, it felt much colder. I came back inside, changed, and headed out again. I just wasn't feeling it.  I desperately needed a rest day after running every day since Wednesday and when I started my watch and headed down the block, I knew this wasn't going to happen. I tried to psyche myself into the run and about 2 minutes in, I gave up and headed home.

I'm trying not to be hard on myself this week. One of my good friends gave me a sharp lesson on Wednesday when I complained about skipping my workout on Tuesday. "Be kind to yourself," she said. I know I need to be kind to myself but that means running when I know that it'll keep me from being stressed, eating three meals a day. I ate horribly this week because I was too lazy to go to the grocery store and so I didn't run Tuesday morning because I didn't have food in my house which lead to the ripple effect of me skipping today's long run. At the end of the day though, I needed the rest today and I don't feel guilty about that but I do need to take better care of myself.

I think I'll be able to get my planned 14-mile run in tomorrow but if I'm still sore, I won't. I'll just take it easy and pay attention to how I'm feeling. 

Total Miles Run: 18
Total Minutes of Yoga: 60

How did your week go?
How do you practice kindness to yourself?

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