March 1, 2017

February Recap

February. My goodness, this month has been endless. For the shortest month of the year, it seems painful how slowly this month has dragged by.

February has been such a strange month. I was gone for nearly half the month, and when I was home, I was sick. I mentioned in my January recap that I've never felt quite as unsettled in this apartment as I have in other moves, and that's still the case. While The Pilot and I did manage to finally hang some pictures in the bedroom and living room, I still have nearly a dozen boxes I haven't unpacked. I still haven't unpacked most of my clothes (yes, I'm serious), and I really feel like I'm drowning. I've been working from home more than usual in an attempt to play catch up on my life and that hasn't helped at all. At least I've finally cleared up space to used my home office as such, rather than as just a storage unit.

So, February. I was in unexpectedly in Texas for the first half of the month when my dad got sick. He's doing much better now and I'm grateful for that. I came back to DC four days before my 30th birthday with the flu. My birthday was completely uneventful because I was still sick. I didn't actually start feeling better until about two days before I left for Florida for the Disney Princess Half this weekend and, while I was worried about being undertrained and having minimal lung capacity from being sick, I managed to have a good race. (Recap coming soon!)

Of course, after being up 22 hours straight because of a ridiculously early start time, I now, again, feel like I'm getting sick. February, go away, you're drunk.

Here's a look at how my month went in numbers:

Miles Run: 26.1
Considering I was supposed to start training for a marathon this month, I'm really upset at this number. I'm still determined to try for a sub-4 marathon in Ottawa in May but I'm nervous that with this kind of mileage under my belt, I'm setting myself up to get hurt if I ramp up training in March.

Minutes of Yoga: 67
I did over 800  last month. 

Books Read: 3
You can check out what I've been reading this month here. That book doesn't include the book I finished last night, 13 Rue Therese, which isn't worth reading, in my opinion.

Trips Taken: 2
Home to Texas and Orlando for the Disney Princess Half and a visit to Harry Potter World.

New Recipes Made: 5
Considering I was gone for nearly half the month, I'll take this. One of my goals for the New Year was to cook at least one recipe out of every single one of my cookbooks. The idea being 1) to cook more at home, and 2) to actually make use of my slightly problematic obsession with cookbooks. While I don't think I've fully unpacked all of my cookbooks, so I don't know how many I actually have, I have cooked abundantly out of four of my cookbooks and dabbled in one or two others. I did realize that I have no interest in cooking out of one of my cookbooks, so I'm holding on to that for one more month to see if anything jumps out at me before giving it away. I could write a whole post on what cooking so much has taught me, so I think I will. Stay tuned!

Blog Posts Written: 2
I'm still mad that I haven't posted the last of my recaps about our Australia trip. I've written one of them and just need to finish putting my pictures into the post. I'd still like to post more and actually stick to a blogging schedule (which I've made through the next two weeks). I also really want to make it a point to schedule blogging time, not just for writing, editing, and posting, but for reading blogs as well.

30 Before 30 Items Completed: 0

Highlights: Spring- and summer-like temperatures in DC for most of the month, visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter with The Pilot, and running the Disney Princess Half-Marathon with my friend Abby.

Lowlights: It's hard not to be hard on myself this month. I know I was dealing with family stuff and I was sick but seriously, where did this month went? I was a ball of stress the entire time I was in Texas and I ran once. I didn't practice yoga at all - two things that really could have helped with that. I know there wasn't much I could have done when I was sick but I really could have tried to focus a little bit harder on taking care of myself, which might have kept me from getting sick in the first place.

March is typically a pretty long month but The Pilot and I are taking our first international trip of 2017 which I'm really excited for! You'll just have to guess where we're headed!

The Month Ahead:
I really need to finish unpacking and get our apartment in a good place. I also need to start building in a strength and yoga plan so that as I do ramp up Ottawa training without a strong base, I do it while minimizing my risk of injury.

How did your month shape up? Have you ever had a month where you felt like everything was escaping you? How did you balance things out?

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