January 15, 2017

Sunday Sweats 2

So the second week of the New Year didn't exactly go as planned. When Monday rolled around,  my knee was still really swollen from Friday night's fall. I made a doctor's appointment for Tuesday morning, which quickly got canceled. I couldn't find another appointment for the week and didn't want to drag things out, so Monday after work, I took a trip to the ER.

Luckily, there was no break (at that point, I was starting to worry that I broke my knee cap) but the doctor said it was a bone bruise and sprained ligaments. He recommended two weeks off and gave me a strong anti-inflammatory.

While I'm bummed to be starting the year with two weeks off, having recently come back from two years off, I'm so relieved it's only two weeks. I can easily bounce back from that, especailly while I'm doing so much yoga. So, here's what the week did look like:

Currently Training For: 
Disney Princess Half-Marathon, February 26
DC Rock 'n' Roll Half-Marathon, March 11

Monday: Skipped. I spent the day at work and then four hours at the ER. I'm more OK with this than I thought I would be. Things happen.

Tuesday: #yogarevolution Day 9 (32:00)
I picked up my 31-Day Yoga Challenge right where I left off. This practice required a lot of being on all fours which I couldn't really do so I made some modifications and made it work. In a lot of cases, those modifications made the practice more challenging, which was good!

Wednesday: #yogarevolution Day 10 (27:00)
Wednesdays are always my busiest days at work and, by the time I got home to practice, my head was all over the place and I just couldn't really concentrate or enjoy the practice.

Thursday: #yogarevolution Day 11 (29:00)
Lots of balancing today! I'm definitely noticing that my shoulders are really tight and that I can balance better on my right leg than my right. This is part of why I had IT band issues for as long as I did so I really need to pay attention to this.

Friday: #yogarevolution Day 12 (31:00)
My mind was all over the place before I stepped on the mat but this practice was down right juicy.

Saturday: #yogarevolution Day 13 (30:00)
I want to flag this practice for post-long run days because it is everything I want after a long run. Nice easy, hip opening stretches, one-legged pigeon, reclined cobbler's pose...everything. I've linked to it in case any other runners want to check it out!

Sunday: #yogarevolution Days 14 and 15 (62:00)
I wanted to catch up from skipping a day on Monday so I doubled up today. The first practice was nice and easy, the second was quite fiery but it felt good, and while I'm sstill not completely comfortable on my knees yet, I'm getting there.

Total Miles Run: 0
Total Minutes of Yoga: 211

Yoga, yoga, and more yoga. I don't hate it. I thought about taking a spin class this week but I didn't think my knee would be in shape for that. Right now, I feel like I'm about three or four days away from being back on my feet. I'm playing it smart and taking it easy though, so we'll see.

How did you week go?
What are you training for?

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