November 9, 2016


I had a post scheduled today about my visit to the Taronga Zoo in Sydney. While, I think we could all use cute pictures of koalas, it doesn't seem right.

I live in the epicenter of our democratic system, a system that elected a different candidate than the the American people popularly elected, a system that I no longer know that I can believe in. 

I am a first generation Latin American woman and I am heartbroken and scared that my country, that our country chose hate. 

My heart breaks for the America that my mother came to after her father was imprisoned for political persecution. My mother didn't come to America by choice, but she stayed by choice. This is no longer the America that my family would have sought refuge in or chosen to stay in. This is no longer the America that I grew up in, believing that I could do or be anything regardless of my ethnicity, religion, or gender.

This isn't about who lost or who won. This is about hate and fear winning. Hate and fear of people who don't look a certain way. Racism won. Sexism won. Homophobia won. Hate won.

I don't know how to move forward today. 

I know that I will but today, I am speechless. I am scared. 

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