June 23, 2016


Feeling... sick. It turns out that five flights in 48 hours isn't the best for your health. I've been fighting a cold since I got back from Iowa last week. I don't think that turning around and jumping on a plane again 2 days later has helped things, but I've been miserable for the last week.

Reading... "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone: The Illustrated Edition" and "Ghostbird" by Carol Lovekin. The Pilot bought me HP for my birthday and it's absolutely beautiful. I've been wanting to reread the series for quite some time now and this is a fun way to get back into the books. I just started Ghostbird this morning and am only a few pages in. One of my friends from book club is friends with the author so I'm excited to read this.

Watching... "Gilmore Girls." I'm almost finished with Season 6. The season has slowed down and everyone has told me horror stories about Season 7, so we'll see what happens.

Thinking about... getting better and getting ready for my next adventure!

Needing... to get back to training! This cold has been a nightmare. I managed to ran twice last week but haven't run since Saturday and I'm really bummed that I'm having this much of a setback.

Wanting... to get better.

Excited... to go to Paris next month!

Loving... that Peyton is back. She was in New Jersey last week with The Pilot's family while we were separately traveling and when I got home on Sunday, it was so sad not having her in the house!

What's on your 'Currently' list?

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