April 5, 2016

Weekly Workouts 14

I'm pretty happy with the way this week went. I've been feeling a little lost in my training plan because I never mapped it out, so I wasn't actually following it.

I took time to do that this weekend. I mentioned last week that The Perfect 10 plan is divided into cycles. There are 3 cycles that you repeat 4 times each. I've only half done the first 2 repetitions of the first cycle, but it's so early on, I'm not terribly concerned. Cycle 1: Repetition 2 started Sunday and I'm committed to making it through the full cycle and really kicking training into gear.

Monday: 75 minutes of yoga. I went to a class and it was just ok. I've been to this class once before with ClassPass and didn't feel any burning desire to come back but it's close to home and at a convenient time. I don't like it when instructors don't do hands-on assists.

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 3 miles.

Thursday: 5 nice, easy miles on the Mall.

Friday:  1-hour yoga. This might have been the worst yoga class I've ever been to (except for the one where, you know, someone came crashing down on me and I blacked out). I went to a studio in Eastern Market that I had read mixed reviews about, but I really wanted to get to a class on Friday and the timing was right. I got to class 15 minutes early and set down my mat. There were a few other students in the room and the instructor was practicing and didn't say a word to anyone. When it came time for class to start, she never introduced herself or asked if anyone had any injuries, she just launched right into the practice. It was the hardest, most discouraging class I've ever taken! She led the class into the full expression of every pose, without any guidance on modifications and then kept telling people to stop looking at their classmates. There were so many poses that I just stood/sat there not doing anything because I didn't even know how to begin and knew that I couldn't comfortably or safely get into some of those poses.

Saturday: 4 miles, easy. My legs just weren't feeling it today.

Sunday: 6 miles with 4 at marathon goal pace (9:05) on the treadmill. With 30 mph winds outside, temperatures in the 30s , and the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler blocking city streets (with modifications due to wind), I took things inside and rocked out to my new favorite Pandora station and had an awesome run.

How did your week go?

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