March 10, 2016


Feeling... relieved. I accidentally spilled some water on my brand new computer the other day and it started shorting out. I took it to the store and they were able to remove the back panel and dry it off. After leaving it in rice for 24 hours, it's working just fine!

Reading... "The Memory Keeper's Daughter" by Kim Edwards. This is our blogger's book club book and I am having a hard time with it.

Watching... Gilmore Girls. I never watched this show when it was on TV. I've seen a few episodes on ABC Family Free Form but never enough to actually follow the plot of the show. This weekend, I decided to put it on while folding laundry and five episodes later...

Listening to... "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Thinking about... what the next year is going to look like.

Working on... playing catch up with email and blogs.

Needing... a long weekend.

Wanting... to see the National Parks IMAX movie at the Natural History Museum.

Annoyed... that I left my running shoes at the spin studio I went to on Saturday and have been there twice to pick them up only to find them closed at times they said they would be open.

Excited... for spring, Cherry Blossoms, visits from Mom, and baseball season!

Hoping... that I can plan a trip to they Bay Area for my sister's documentary. It's the same week as my race which is feasible, but might be tough.

Loving... ClassPass! I've been to three classes so far and I'm really loving it!

What's going on with you?
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