February 23, 2016

Weekly Workouts 8

Before I get into this week's post, I want to thank everyone for your comments, thoughts and prayers on my post yesterday. This is going to be a tough week, but I'm hanging in there. 

Monday: 20 minutes of birthday yoga.

Tuesday: 15 minutes of yoga

Wednesday: 15 minutes of yoga

Thursday: 30 minutes of yoga. I felt so great through this practice. It was exactly what I needed.

Friday: 30 minutes of yoga. This practice was restorative and it was perfect. I had a long week last week and this was exactly what I needed on Friday night to wrap up the work week.

Saturday: 5-mile run, 30 minutes of yoga. This was such a great run. I didn't set out with any particular distance in mind. It was nice out, so I just ran. I ended up with 5 miles at a 10:10 pace, which I was pretty happy with. It was my first time running with a Garmin since Chicago and while that was definitely a change, it felt good to feel like I was training again. 

Sunday: 3-mile run, 10 minutes of yoga. This was the first time in months that I've gotten up in the morning, gotten dressed for a run, and headed out the door without even thinking about it. The 10-minute yoga practice was a sun salutation routine which felt great after my first weekend of back to back runs in a while.

I'm still doing the Yoga with Adriene videos and the videos in this sequence are much shorter than the first time so I don't really feel like I'm getting as much of a workout in, especially since I wasn't running early last week because of my head/hip injury. I'm 22 days into 30 Day Yoga Challenge, Take 2, which is 3 days longer than my last two attempts so that's exciting! If When I make it to Day 30, I'd really like to start getting back into the studio. I miss studio classes, but I think that home practice has been really good for me. 

I didn't run much last week, but I still managed to run more than I have been running. I feel like this was a good start to half-marathon training, which I'm actually starting this week. I promise I'll share my training plan next week...once I finish it :)

How's your training going?
Today I'm linking up with  Tracy and Alyssa for Training for Tuesday!

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