February 9, 2016

Weekly Workouts 6

Monday: 30 minutes of yoga.

Tuesday: 3 miles; 20 minutes of yoga. It wasn't cold out on this run. I wore capris and a long sleeve shirt with a headband, but 2 miles in, I felt like someone had jammed an ice pick through my head. It wasn't even windy but my ears hurt so badly that I came home with a raging headache. This was a tough yoga day too. Chair pose post run...not a fun combination, but I powered through.

Wednesday: 30 minutes of yoga.

Thursday: 20 minutes of yoga. This was a commitment. I'm still working through the 30 Day Yoga Camp Challenge, but this practice was 40 minutes long and I got home at 9:30 after a Junior League Happy Hour and just didn't want to. Then it hit me that I didn't HAVE to do the next video in the challenge, I could do something else! So, I found Yoga for Before Bedtime, got my om on, and went to bed. Win!

Friday: 30 minutes of yoga.

3 miles; 30 minutes of yoga.

15 minutes of yoga. I finished this practice at 11:59 pm on Sunday. If that isn't fitting it in, I don't know what is. I was determined to get this practice in. It didn't matter how late I was or how tired I was. 30 days of yoga, take 2, day 7...done!

Overall last week was a good week. This round of the yoga challenge seems harder. I picked up the challenge where I left of but I'm struggling. I'm sticking with it though! Blue Ridge Half training starts today and I'm pretty excited for the challenge ahead. I'm now ___ days into my yoga challenge and despite it feeling hard, I'm feeling good. I'm nervous about what things will look like add the month continues. I'm worried that training combined with daily yoga will be a little too much but this is only a half and it is only month one so my longest run won't go above 7 or 8 miles before the challenge is over so I should be OK but I need to remember to pay attention to how I'm feeling.

There you have it! Next week I'll recap my first week of Blue Ridge training and share my training plan with you! 

Looking for more weekly workout inspiration? This week I'm loving posts from:
Nicole @ Pumps and Iron - This quote is golden.
"I honestly felt a little relieved by it. My body was telling me I needed to slow the hell down and I just looked at my throbbing, swollen knee and said a silent thank you to it. You’re right, I need to pump the breaks."

Have you ever done a 30 day yoga challenge?
Have you ever done it while training for a race? 

Happy Sweating!

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