February 25, 2016


Feeling... heartbroken. I'm in New Jersey today for Amanda's funeral. 

Reading... "The Lady of the Glen" by Jennifer Roberson. One of my friends from book club lent me this book and I've been putting it off forever. Honestly? I've been judging this book by its cover but I really like it.

Watching... 11/22/63. Goodness, this series is violent.

Listening to... "Magic Lessons" by Elizabeth Gilbert. I've only listened to the first episode of this podcast but I really like it.

Thinking about... family. 

Working on... 30 days of yoga. I'm 24 days in and so close!

Needing... to write my half marathon training plan.

Wanting... a staycation. Ideally, I would combine it with a vacation the way I did after our Dubai trip.

Annoyed... at people who listen to music or playmates on their phones/tablets/etc. at full volume without headphones on public transportation.

Excited... about this weekend's book club at a vineyard!

Hoping... that all of this gloomy, rainy weather we've been having clears up.

Loving... The Pilot. I could've flown to NJ this week but he drove up with me so that he could be there for my family. He even gave up his sports radio in the car so that I could work on the drive up.

This has been a sad week, but I'm glad I could make it up to New Jersey for the service. 

What's going on with you?
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