January 28, 2016


Feeling... relieved. My back is finally starting to feel better. I wanted to try to get back on my yoga mat last night, but I still wasn't feeling great.

Reading... "The Telling Room: A Tale of  Love, Betrayal, Revenge, and the World's Greatest Piece of Cheese" by Michael Paterniti.

Watching... I watched so much TV this weekend during the blizzard! I got hooked on "Jane the Virgin", watched more episodes of "Happy Endings," watched "The Giver" (which I thought was better than the book), watched the first episode of "Mercy Street" which I didn't love, and caught up on this season of "The New Girl"

Thinking about... This quote:

Working on... An Instagram challenge for the month of February! I'll be 29 next month and there will be 29 days in February and I think that sounds like a perfect excuse to have some fun on Instagram!

Needing... to figure out what to do with my student loans. It may cost me more up front, but I'm seriously considering refinancing. Has anyone had luck with this?

Wanting... to take a trip somewhere for mine or The Pilot's birthdays next month!

Craving... ice cream.

Annoyed by... people who don't shovel their sidewalks. We got more than 2 feet of snow this week and with the plows coming through, snow banks are over 4 feet high. My street is somewhat busy, so it's had to walk on the sidewalk when it hasn't been shoveled and then I have cars beeping at me to get out of the road!

Excited... about my weekend trip to Sundance!

Hoping... that everything goes well with my flights this weekend and that I can get in and out of Salt Lake City ok!

Loving... this 3-day work week! Thanks snow!

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