January 13, 2016

A Day in My Life

I've always liked reading day-in-the-life posts and getting a glimpse into someone's typical day, so I decided to do one of my own! I did this on Monday and it was a thoroughly ordinary day for me, but here goes!

6:00 My alarm goes off. I'm a big snoozer, so I hit the snooze and fall back asleep. 
6:25 I finally pull myself out of bed and settle onto the floor with Peyton for some puppy snuggles
6:30 I start the coffee, drink some water, unload the dishwasher and water my plants. 
6:40 I sit quietly with my coffee while waking up and thinking about the day ahead.
7:00: I check out Yoga with Adriene's latest video and realize it's too long to do this morning. That's the downside with this 30 Day Challenge I'm doing...the videos go up at 7am so I usually don't have enough time to do them in the morning. I stretch out on my mat anyway, do some cat/cows and spend a few minutes foam rolling. 
7:10 I start getting ready for work. 
7:50 Time to take Peyton for a walk. She chases a lot of squirrels and wants to spend way more time outside in the blistering cold than I do.
8:15 I head out the door and make my way to the metro. I grab two books on the way out to donate to a Little Free Library on my way.

8:25 I get to the metro and notice that the trains are way more crowded then usual so I don't get a seat and get to play the balance game on the metro.
8:55 Surprisingly there are no metro delays, and I'm off the train and on my way up to my office. I realize I lost a glove on the coolest day of the year so far. Great.
9:00 Get to my desk, realize I didn't lose my glove. Yay! I settle in to read emails and check out my to-do list for the week.

10:00 Catch up with some colleagues before settling in to eat an underwhelming bowl of overnight oats and get some work done.
12:30 Heat up my lunch...leftover mac and cheese with sundried tomatoes.  In the summer, I usually walk to a nearby park to eat my lunch with a book but in the winter, I just eat at my desk and then go for a short walk.

12:45 Finish lunch, check some emails, start mentally preparing myself to head outside.
1:20 Bundle up and head outside. The windchill is in the teens so I immediately regret this decision.
1:50  Head back into the office and spend the afternoon working on year-end reporting
5:05 Leave the office while it's still light out. Yay! Hop on the metro and open up my book.

5:50 Home sweet home. Time to take Peyton out.
6:20 Time to finally hit the mat for some yoga!
7:05 Feeling really good after some much needed yoga time. Now...dinner! I preheat the oven and chop up some broccoli which I forgot to do yesterday. Everything else is ready to just throw for the roasted broccoli and quinoa salad I'm making. 
7:15 Throw the broccoli in the oven and hop on the shower
7:25 Put on sweatpants and fuzzy socks and  eat dinner

7:30 Devour dinner while watching Mozart in the Jungle, spend some time playing with Peyton and her new toy

8:20 Do the dishes, clean up the kitchen and call the Pilot. He's in Dayton, OH tonight.
8:45 Take Peyton for a walk
9:30 I'm surprisingly tired and have an early morning run planned so I settle into bed with a book and fall asleep by 10. 

So, there you have it, a typical day in my life. In hindsight, I probably shouldn't have chosen a Monday...Mondays are pretty underwhelming for me and despite going to bed super early, I didn't get that early morning run planned yesterday since I was home sick, but I'm hoping to get better as the week goes by!

What's a typical day look like for you?
Have you written one of these posts lately? Share the link! I'd love to read!
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