January 23, 2016

5 Hot Chocolate Recipes to Weather the Storm

Good Morning! We're in the blizzard of the century here in DC with snow projections of anywhere from 8 to 30 inches of snow! There are already at least 15" on the ground and the snow isn't expected to stop until late tonight.

I honestly can't believe my luck that The Pilot will be here to take Peyton out in the snow weather the storm me.

As long as we don't lose power, this weekend will be filled with hot chocolate and movies! I love hot chocolate so I've pulled together a roundup of some hot chocolate recipes that will definitely make an appearance in our house this weekend! If you're also weathering the storm, I hope you have the
supplies to try some of these out!

French Hot Chocolate - Well Plated

Photo credit: Well Plated
I've been dreaming of another trip to Paris lately and this recipe, based on the famed hot chocolate from Cafe Angelina, may just be enough to satisfy me for a few months! Even if you don't love coffee (like The Pilot), the espresso powder will bring out the flavors of the chocolate making it absolutely decadent!

Decadently Thick Italian Hot Chocolate - The Stay At Home Chef

Photo Credit: The Stay At Home Chef
I think I'm the only person in the world who used to drink Starbucks' Chanticos. This recipe for rich, thick hot chocolate is strongly reminiscent of it. It has butter in it, so you know it has to be deliciously rich and creamy!

Drinking Chocolate - Crazy for Crust

Photo Credit: Crazy for Crust
"It's like drinking hot ganache." That was all I needed to know about this recipe to pique my interest!

Coconut Tres Leches Hot Chocolate  - Mel's Kitchen Cafe

Photo Credit: Mel's Kitchen Cafe
Tres Leches is a Latin American staple when it comes to desserts and this recipe turns the cake into a drink perfectly! With both coconut and condensed milk (something I always have on hand!), this is sure to be delightfully rich and thick...perfect for hot chocolate!

Nutella Hot Chocolate - Planes, Trains, and Running Shoes

I couldn't leave out my own favorite recipe! I've never actually posted this recipe because it's just so simple. Take 1 heaping tablespoon (okay 2 tablespoons) of Nutella and drop it into a steaming hot cup of your favorite type of milk. Stir and drink!

What's your favorite way to drink hot chocolate?
Is it "hot chocolate" or "hot cocoa" in your house?
Are you expecting snow this weekend? How are you weathering the storm?

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