December 28, 2015

Three Years in DC

Three years ago, The Pilot and I ended our long distance relationship and moved to DC. We had already fallen in love with this city but now, it was home, and more importantly, it was our home.

We spent those first six months exploring every inch of this city we could. We went to all of the museums, we tried restaurants, we went on long walks and longer runs.

I've had offices in Georgetown, McPherson Square and Penn Quarter. I've fallen in love with the restaurants on 14th Street, the bars on U Street, weekend mornings in Eastern Market, and the green spaces of Lincoln and Meridian Hill Parks.

We got engaged on the National Mall. We never even thought about not getting married in DC. We got married across the street from the White House.

DC is home. Everything about this city just feels right. The last three years have been incredible. I haven't spent nearly as much time this year exploring the city as I used to (I didn't do much of anything in 2015 to be honest) and that will definitely change in 2016. This is an amazing city and I plan to keep exploring as much of it as I can. 

I don't know how long The Pilot and I will live in DC. We aren't planning on leaving anytime soon, but I plan to keep exploring as much of our home as possible while we are here. 

What's the one place you've lived that will always feel like home?
Have you been to DC? What are your favorite things about the nation's capital?

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