December 8, 2015

Planes, Trains, and ???

I have been a ball of stress for the last six weeks. I've been stressed about work, about money, about the holidays, and now about Peyton.

My mind is running constantly so I'm  having a hard time falling asleep and an even harder time waking up. Since I  brought Peyton home from surgery, she's been waking me up every 2 hours and I'm exhausted. I haven't been eating right. I went grocery shopping this weekend for the first time in probably a month.

Last week, I ran twice. The Chicago marathon was two months ago and I've run four times since.

I haven't done yoga since before the marathon. I haven't been to a spin class or a barre class or anything like that. I basically ran the marathon and stopped working out.

It's completely unlike me and all of a sudden, it hit me why things have been so stressful. The circumstances are there, but my capacity to deal with them? Gone. I am a true believer in the cleansing powers of exercise. By not working out, I'm not even giving my body or mind a chance to blow off some steam.

So, I'm trying to run again. I ran 3 miles last Wednesday with The Pilot and 3.5 miles with a friend on Sunday. I've been sore after each, but in that way that makes you crave another workout.

I don't know if I'll run tonight but i will run this week.The point of this post is that this used to be a running blog. Part of the reason it hasn't been one is because I was injured for so long but I'm recovered now. For two years, I couldn't run and now that  I can, I'm not running.

I promised myself that when I recovered I would never take for granted my ability to run and not only am I doing just that but by not running I've given up part of myself.

{via Stride Box}
So I'm committing to run and I'm committing to writing about running. It might only be twice a week (tge running part, not the writing) but I know that I need to get back out there, if for no other reason than to clear my mind of all of the stresses in my life right now.

Wish me luck and, if you can, try to hold me accountable.

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