July 30, 2015


Feeling... frustrated. I've been trying to get back to Saturday long runs so that I can start my training on Mondays but the last two Mondays, I just haven't been up to running. I don't know if it's that summer heat that makes me feel like I need an extra rest day or what but it makes me feel like I need to cram all of my runs into a couple of days.

Reading... "The Angel of Losses" by Sarah Feldman. I hate this book. It's an easy enough read and I have less than 100 pages but ugh. I think the author had some major family drama...this book reads way too much like a "fictional" account of someone's life...and the main character is insufferable.

Watching... I've been binge watching "Once Upon a Time" all week. It isn't a great show but I really like it. When The Pilot is home, we're still making our way through OITNB and "Mad Men."

Thinking about... marathon training. It's been 3 years since my last long run and I'm really happy about how familiar all of this seems. This weekend will mark my longest run since I got hurt. Wish me luck!

Working on... playing catch up. I'm so behind on my emails, text messages, phone calls, blog posts, everything. I have a lot of friends I need to catch up with, emails to write, etc.

Loving... new friends. It's so awesome to meet people and just connect with them.

Grateful for... nights with The Pilot. He's been working a lot lately so those have been few and far between.

Excited about... weekends. It's crazy how busy this summer is for me at work. Usually the summer is my slow season, but not at this job!

What's on your list?

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