July 14, 2015

Chicago Marathon Training: Weeks 2 and 3

Before I left for Lisbon I planned out my whole week of training. I would get in two runs in DC before flying up to New Jersey Wednesday night, do my long run of 9 miles in NJ on Thursday, fly to Lisbon that night and then finish out the week with short runs on Saturday and Sunday in Portugal.

Here's what actually happened. I did my two runs in DC on Tuesday and Wednesday and realized on Wednesday that there was no way I was getting on the EWR > LIS flight on Thursday so, after a lot of panicky scrambling, I booked a flight from London to Lisbon, packed my bags and left for the airport after work on Wednesday, London bound instead of Newark.

I had an amazing day catching up with friends in London but I landed at 10am and didn't get to bed until after midnight before waking up at 4 to catch my flight to Portugal. I was exhausted when I got there and the next few mornings involved a lot or coffee and long showers to wake me up. Needless to say, I didn't run once when I was overseas. I was pretty stressed about it coming home until I read this article from Runner's World that made me feel way better about my training. 

I'm still bummed that I didn't get to run while I was there but I loved it so much, I just know I'll be back. When I got back to the states though, it was time to pick up where I should have been...except that I was crazy jetlagged so I ended up having another week like Week 1.

How did it go? Not great. 

Chicago Marathon Training Week 3
Total Mileage Last Week: 27
Missed Workouts: A 3 miler. I should have run 30 miles last week.
Trouble Spots: Running 27 miles in 4 days made for tired, tired legs. 

Monday: Off
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Attempted double day...3 in the morning, 1 in the evening.
Friday: Planed for 5 and somehow ran 6 after taking a nasty spill at Mile 1
Saturday: 5
Sunday: 12

Planned Mileage this Week: 28 (Step back week)
Goals for this Week: Spread out my runs. Don't miss a workout. Cross train at least once. Get some core training in (squats, planks, etc.)

I was exhausted for all of my runs last week. At first, it had to do with jet lag and then it had to do with my legs being tired. My 12 miler went better than expected but I came home afterward and took the first nap I've ever taken after a long run. I was dead. It was hot and despite leaving early, I hit a lot of traffic lights at Mile 9, which turned it into a roughly 16 minute mile. That plus a steep hill at 10.5 and I was done. I managed to finish strong though so I'm happy. 

So that's it. As I said before, I wish I had run in Lisbon, but I was exhausted every morning I was there. I'm bummed that I missed almost a full week of training, but I got a strong enough base in and picked up almost right where I left off, so this really shouldn't affect my training too much. 

How's your training going? 
Have you ever fallen during a run?
How do you plan training around vacations?

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