June 4, 2015


Feeling... like I'm training for a marathon again. I had such am incredible National Running Day run! Four of the fastest miles I've run in months...maybe years can do a lot for your confidence.

Reading... "The Bully Pulpit"...the neverending 3 week endeavor. "War and Peace" was easier to read, then again it was fiction. I have less than 125 pages to go. I will finish this book tomorrow.

Watching... Nothing exciting. I really want to go see "Aloha." 

Thinking about... signs. Do you ever think about doing something...and then start seeing signs for it everywhere? Or it keeps coming up in conversation? That's happening right now. 

Working on... my 30 before 30 list! I've got to start making some plans! 

Loving... catching up with old friends.

Needing... a new computer. Mine is definitely on its last legs...so is The Pilot's.

Grateful for... our little apartment. I love it so much. We hated our last place so this is a very welcome change. 

Excited about... summer! If it ever gets here...I'm wearing a sweater and a jacket right now. Not cool June, not cool.

What's on your list?
Have you ever read a book that you probably should've given up on, but got too far to quit? 
If you have a 30 Before 30...or a 101 in 10001...or any similar list, what's #1?
Happy Pre-Friday y'all!

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