May 26, 2015

It's All About that Base...Week 3

I had a great training week last week. I got all of my workouts in, I felt great and I feel like I'm getting a great base under my belt.

I also had an awesome Memorial Day weekend. I got a lot of things done around the apartment on Saturday, spent a good amount of time reading, enjoyed a lot of time outside with friends and spent a lot of time by the water...both on the river and at the pool. It was a great weekend and perfectly relaxing. We had thought about maybe going out of town but The Pilot got put on a trip that didn't bring him home until late afternoon on Sunday and I'm so glad that I didn't brave the airports this weekend!

Anyway, back to training. I'm still sticking to my commitment of doing yoga twice a week, though I'd like to get 3 yoga workouts in this week. I still haven't done any of my PT exercises but between yoga, stretching and foam rolling, I'm feeling really good...especially after a challenging yoga session that focused on core work. I really need to get those exercises in though.

I hit 12 miles last week with a "long" run of 4 miles.. Again, not a very high number but the focus is on gradually building up my weekly mileage.

This is a little bit deceiving because I only did 2.5 on Thursday and Saturday, but Daily Mile rounds up for some reason. (PS if we aren't friends yet on Daily Mile, let's be!)

After Saturday's run, I did a yoga workout at home and then spent the rest of the day on my feet doing things around the house. By 8:30 I was toast. Those 4 miles might not seem like much but they took a lot out of me. I was so excited for yesterday's rest day but when we woke up, we got invited to join some friends on a bike ride to East Potomac Park to spend the afternoon at the pool. It was an 8 mile ride roundtrip which I did on a BikeShare bike since I don't have my own bike and man oh man was that a workout. Those Capital BikeShare bikes weigh a ton and I was definitely moving a lot slower than the group I was with, but was worth it!

I wasn't sure what to do this morning because my legs were pretty dead from the bike ride, so I decided to just play it by ear when I woke up. Clearly I spent way too much time in the sun this weekend because when my alarm went off, there was absolutely no getting out of bed. Today might just have to be a rest day, or I'll do something after work. We'll see!

Either way, I'm feeling really great about training!
Have you started training for a fall race? Or thinking about one?
What's on your list?
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