May 19, 2015

It's All About that Base...Week 2

I was really happy with how my first week of base training went. I did what I set out to do despite jetting off to California for 45 hours.

I woke up every morning at 6 to work out. Tuesday and Thursday I ran. Wednesday and Friday, I did yoga in my living room. Saturday, I went for an easy run in San Francisco.

Oh hell Daily Mile, I've missed you!
I'm not sure why I have a 'meh' face. All of my workouts were great last week except for one.

I didn't do a typical weekend long run last week, but as I said, I'm focusing more on building my weekly mileage and this week was definitely an increase from the previous week's 6 miles.

Yoga was a great way to complement my weeks. I definitely felt a lot of tightness in my hips and I'm hoping that over time, that will go away as I continue to complement yoga with running.

I still haven't figured out my training plan for Chicago. Mainly my biggest questions are 1) How often do I want to run each week?, 2) What do I want to start my weekly mileage ad and what do I want my highest weekly mileage to be?, and 3)What distance do I want to start my long runs at?

A lot of those questions will be easier to answer as I continue to build a base so I'm not to worried about it but for now, I'll revisit the goals I set for base training last week:

1. Build up weekly mileage - A. I would have liked to hit 10 miles last week but I think going from 6 last week to 9 this week is a smart start. I'll aim for 11 or 12 this week.
2. Focus on core/glute/hip strength - B. Yoga was a great way to focus on this but I didn't do anything in the line of PT exercises.
3. Aim for consistent paces - A. I was pretty happy with this. Sunday, The Pilot just took off. I wore my watch only so that I would know when I needed to turn around. While Thursday's run was slower than Tuesday's (9:50 versus 9:31), I maintained pretty even splits, starting slowly and easing into the run.

There you have it! I'm looking to keep things similar to last week, with the exception of doing a true "long" run this weekend.

What does your training look like right now?
Are you gearing up for something or winding down?

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