May 28, 2015


Feeling... exhausted. I have no idea why. I had such a relaxing weekend and this week has been such a struggle. I tried so hard to get up and run this morning and it was not happening. I'm pretty bummed about it.

Reading... "The Bully Pulpit" by Doris Kearns Goodwin ( and "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. This is one of my mom's favorite books but she never read it to be at bedtime somehow I never read it, so The Pilot and I are reading it now. It was written by a pilot...fitting, right?

Watching... Nothing great. We keep watching "Mad Men" and I.just.don' Every time I want to quit though, I read some blog post about how OMG SO AMAZING the series finale was so I keep pushing through.

Thinking about... summer

Working on... a new storage solution in our apartment. This weekend might get messy.

Loving... that The Pilot is finally flying again. He finished his training class in April and unexpectedly had 6 weeks off. It was great to have him home but he was getting really antsy about flying again. He hadn't flown since February!

I definitely took this picture the minute he walked in the door.
Check out those Captain's stripes!
Needing... a good night's rest...I got that this weekend, but apparently it wasn't enough.

Grateful for... a husband who is open to new and different opportunities.

Excited about... spending a lot of time outside this weekend.

That's what I've got on tap this weekend.
What's on your 'Currently...' list?

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