April 27, 2015

Weekending with Mom

Last night I was so tired it hurt. I thought that the second I put my head on the pillow, I would be out like a light...and then I never fell asleep. Not once. At all. 

This week might be tough.

This weekend was great though. My mom came down to visit and we had a nice, easy low key weekend exploring our neighborhood. She hadn't been here since we moved to our new place so it was fun showing her around.

She got in on Friday and we went to Sona Creamery and ate so much cheese it was ridiculous...and glorious.

Saturday morning,  we headed over to Ted's Bulletin in Eastern Market for brunch. We all got some form of a breakfast burrito and chased them down with some Key Lime pop-tarts. Yum.

We spent the afternoon wandering around Capitol Hill and stumbled on this adorable little market that sold Polaine Bakery Bread! 

Polaine is a bakery in Paris that The Pilot and I visited on our honeymoon. They don't have any US locations so the bread had been made in and shipped from Paris that morning! We picked up some Lavrot cheese (another honeymoon favorite) and went back home and had a little wine and cheese picnic outside.

From there, we took a trip to Union Market and wandered around sampling yummy things before heading to dinner in the Navy Yard.

Mama and me!
Sunday morning, we got coffee and pastries before Mom had to head back. The Pilot and I took an afternoon trip to Ikea and then spent the night in and watched "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen."

This weekend was exactly what I needed after being bed ridden last weekend and half of last week. It was a perfect weekend and I'm so glad my mom made it to town!

Aside from being really tired, I'm feeling pretty good about this week. I'm hoping to start running again (I haven't run since Cherry Blossom) and I'm really hoping the temperatures will warm up again! It's been a cold couple of days in DC!

What did you do this weekend?
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