April 30, 2015


Feeling... ready for the weekend. Remember when I said I didn't sleep at all on Sunday night? That never makes for an easy week. I'm ready for a refresh.

Reading... "The Book Thief" by Markus Zusak. I adore this book. I almost don't want it to end. It is so beautifully written and every morning when I get to work, I'm disappointed that I have to stop reading.

Watching... "Friday Night Lights" and "Mad Men"

Thinking about... Baltimore. It makes my heart heavy...that police brutality is still an issue to protest...that Freddie Gray's family has to sit and watch their city burn down when they're trying to mourn their loss...that people feel that rioting is the only way to affect change because it worked 40 years ago...except that the riots of 40 years are for very similar reasons than the riots of today.

Working on... MARATHON TRAINING PLANS BECAUSE I GOT INTO CHICAGO!!!!!! I will run this race. I recognize that I've run two good races this spring, but I'm still treating this training like I'm going into it injured. I want to have a strong training cycle and I'm going to be very particular about the way I train for this marathon.

Needing... to start running! I haven't run since Cherry Blossom...part of that has to do with me being sick, but I'm itching to get out for a run...especially now that it's starting to finally be warmer for most of the day.

Grateful for... time with The Pilot. It was a long winter with him being away and it's so nice to have him home right now.

Loving... spring.

Excited about... Megan's book challenge! This, on top of the other book challenge I'm doing, has me reading more books this year than ever before and I love it! I'm trying to make up for all of that lost time in college and grad school when reading for fun was impossible.

What's on your 'Currently...' list?
Are you running a fall marathon? If so, let me know which one! I've got an idea cooking!

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