March 31, 2015

March Finds

I couldn't be happier to see the end of March. With more snow, miserable weather and the first month of the year without a federal holiday, March is easily my least favorite month. Here are a few links though that provided me some entertainment over the course of the month! Enjoy!

This DIY Transparent Clutch from my friend Sara. My first thought was, "Why would you want anyone to see everything in your bag?" Then, I immediately thought that this would be perfect for baseball games! With opening day just 6 (!) days away, I definitely think I'm going to have to make this so I can speed through security lines at the ball park!

My sister-in-law is a gymnast. She recently posed this video on Facebook that is absolutely insane. I've never even heard of synchronized gymnastics but my mind is blown and I want this to be a new Olympic sport. Synchronized diving is one of my favorite things to watch...this makes that look easy.

People are often astounded when they find out just how little commercial airline pilots make. (First year airline pilots can make as little as $15 an hour). I came across this interview a few weeks ago discussing the impending pilot shortage, how increasing pilot pay to the levels comparable with most jobs would increase the pilot field by 22%. The pilot shortage is likely to affect small cities and airports that are serviced by regional airlines. It was a fascinating interview, but still has me begging the question - what is being done about this?

Who says the treadmill is boring? This video is amazing. I love Bruno Mars.

I found this article written by a mom whose daughter joined a convent to be really interesting. As a Catholic with friends who have discerned the priesthood, I always assumed that any parent of someone who entered religious life would be ecstatic. That is clearly not the case, and I can see why.

Did I mention that I love Bruno Mars? I'm obsessed with the song "Uptown Funk." In my eyes, Bruno Mars can do no wrong (except for that little coke habit of his). Either way, this Harry Potter parody that Running off the Reese's posted is pretty much amazing. Though I'm not really sure why Harry is like 45.

Have you heard about the new nursing suite at the Cincinnati Reds' stadium? It's beautiful and such an awesome thing for the Reds to do! I'm sure we're going to see this popping up at stadiums across the country moving forward, which is awesome. The one downside? Some stadiums allowed nursing moms into the players' wives suite...I think I'd prefer that!

So, those are my links! 
Are you as happy to see the backside of March as I am?

Today is my good friend Holly's birthday! Take a minute to go say hi!


  1. I've seen that gymnastics video before and it still astounds me. I am a huge fan of gymnastics and RHYTHMIC gymnastics and am sad it never receives the coverage it should during the Olympics.

    Dark Lord Funk...that's amazing!

  2. eeeee I hope you do make the clutch! Mostly because it forces you to clean our your bag and is really super convenient for going through security (also, a colored PVC sheet would be bangin' too -- I'm still on the hunt for one that's lime green). Also died at the HP video!!

  3. I love the nursing suit! Even though I have to admit, I just nursed Zoe in the middle of the game in my seat. I just put a little cover over her.

  4. So glad that we are getting closer to warmer weather at home! I'm definitely going to be checking out some of these links today that you recommended! Especially the Harry Potter one ;)

  5. How did I miss this post?! Thanks for the birthday shout out :)

    And that video of the gymnastics IS insane!!


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