January 15, 2015


Feeling... Good. I had a rough morning but then I got to work and everything was ok. It feels so good to say that.

Reading... "Nothing to Envy" still. It's only gotten better and I'm about half way through.

Listening to... Serial. I know. It's ridiculous that I still haven't finished it.

Watching... Yoga with Adriene. Last night, I came home and realized that we were 14 days into the New Year and I hadn't exercised once. Granted, I only (finally) shook off this cold and cough two days ago, but I was desperate to work out. I tried popping in a yoga DVD and realized that my DVD player is broken so I turned to YouTube, searched for 'Yoga' and turned on the first thing I found.

It was awesome. I loved the video. Adrienne is so real and down to earth and I love that she talked about brushing dog hair off her mat mid-pose. (Girl, I can relate!) Anyway, I watched Day 1 of her 30 Day Yoga Challenge. A 30 Day is one of the things on my To-Do list in 2015, but I'm not necessarily committing just yet. We'll see.

Thinking about... Cuba. My dad was born there and it's been at the very top of my bucket list my entire life...literally. I'm so happy that the US has lifted the embargo and that going to Cuba is starting to look more like a reality than a pipe dream.

Working on... the apartment. After FOUR separate trips to The Container Store, I came home to assemble our closet shelves and they had cut them wrong. Now I have to go back. I'm so annoyed. I think an Ikea trip might be in order this weekend to, so that'll make things better!

Loving... work. I've had a great first week.

Needing... to start waking up earlier. I didn't get much sleep this weekend and I've woken up every day this week with just enough time to get ready, walk the dog and make it on time to work. That needs to change.

Excited about... the trip I booked last night for my sister's 40th birthday!

That's what's going on in my world!
What's on your list?


  1. Ugh that's so annoying about the container store. Hope they get it RIGHT!!!!!

    So glad you've had a great week, lady!

  2. I haven't made it all the way through Serial yet either. Two episodes to go.

  3. So glad to hear that you're loving work--I know that was not the case before! When you move, there are always multiple trips out to get things. I feel like that's how we are with Home Depot whenever we do a house project now. There's always SOMETHING that we missed, or need, or wasn't done right.
    I'm definitely going to have to check out the yoga video that you mentioned!
    Glad to hear that you're feeling better after that icky cold you had!!

  4. I still haven't finished Serial either ... I think I'm just going to finish it without my husband. Maybe he won't notice. ;)

  5. Cuba is on my bucket list as well!

  6. I think I am one of the few people who have not listened to Serial.


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