November 10, 2014

If We Were Having Coffee...

I can't take credit for these posts but I got some great feedback from last week's, so I decided to give it another go.

If we were having coffee...I would tell you that this weekend was exhausting. Six hours of a major kitchen cleaning spree and overhaul plus pulling all of my summer clothes into storage/donation piles wiped me out. I'm so grateful that I have tomorrow off for Veteran's Day.

I would tell you that I had a major fail with meal planning for this week. I planned everything out and realized I didn't have the groceries for anything I had planned out! Last week was a major grocery shopping fail. Good thing I have some leftovers to get me through the week!

I would tell you that running has been pretty touch and go lately. I started base training for a spring marathon this week and two out of my four runs were cut short due to knee pain. My "long run" of 4 miles (hey, it's base training) started out just fine but I started having some knee pain with half a mile to go...this time around, it wasn't bad enough to make me have to stop, but it's still frustrating.

If we were having coffee...I would tell you that I'm starting to get a little excited for the holidays. Christmas doesn't seem to be in full force (which is shocking, given that it's two weeks past Halloween) and I like it. We'll probably be setting up our Christmas tree the weekend we move into our new apartment, but I'm ok with it.

I would tell you that I'm really upset over the voter turnout in Tuesday's midterm elections. Only 30% of the country turned out to vote...and only 13% of eligible youth voters. I've talked to some of my friends in other countries about it and they're shocked that Americans don't vote...especially since we (as a country) disapprove of our government so much.

If we were having coffee... I would tell you that I started my own batch of home-brewed kombucha this weekend. I can't wait to see how it turns out! I had never tried kombucha until I needed some as a starter for my homebrew, ($4 just to taste something that I've heard mixed reviews about is not my cup of tea) but I really like it!

I would tell you that I am getting great use of my slow cooker these days. Overnight steel cut oats and soups have been my absolute favorites, but I have a lot of fun slow cooker experiments that I'm excited to try in the next few weeks!

If we were having coffee...I would show you a picture of Peyton, because she's the best.

If we were having coffee, what would you tell me?


  1. I love these posts... maybe because I wish I was close enough to grab a cup of coffee with you! But I love that you're making your own kombucha and I can't wait to see how it turns out!

  2. Wow I can't believe only 30% of the country turned out to vote, that is so heartbreaking!

  3. Love your doggie! And I am excited for the holidays as well, but I want to bask in my November first :)

  4. Turn out was HUGE locally because of a bond vote. Nice to see it huge no matter the reason.

  5. I still have not gotten into my crockpot/slow cooker, and that was what I was most excited about--I need to plan better!!


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