October 3, 2014

Our Wedding: The Reception

It took us months to figure out what our walk-out song would be. I wanted it to be something that everyone would know, but also something that they maybe hadn't heard in awhile. Then, one day, maybe 4 or 5 months before the wedding, it hit me. It had to be a 90's boy band song. The Pilot was 100% on board with it and we walked out to "Larger than Life" by The Backstreet Boys. (For the record, I was Team N*Sync).

Our walkout was awesome. Old Ebbitt is in an office building that's maybe 13 or 14 stories tall so our reception was in the atrium with super high ceilings, which made for incredible acoustics.

Walking out to the music blaring with all of our friends and family dancing and cheering for us was probably my favorite moment of our wedding. It was so awesome! Our whole bridal party (plus parents) walked out to the same song, and then it was our turn. We stayed on the dance floor dancing for a bit, and then the DJ slowed things down for our first dance.

Our first dance was to "Anything but Mine" by Kenny Chesney, which has been our song since before we even started dating.

After our first dance, it was time for dinner and toasts! We served four courses: a salad with camembert and apples, a gazpacho, followed by chicken with roast potatoes (seasonal ravioli for the vegetarians, like me) and a mango-raspberry ravioli. The food was absolutely incredible.

Before the second course was even served, my mom and aunt were on the dance floor, so naturally, we joined them, and then everybody was dancing! As soon as dinner was served, everyone ran back to their seats, grabbed dinner, and ran right back out to the dance floor. It was awesome. I have never been to a wedding where people danced in between courses at dinner, but our DJ was incredible and it as just a nonstop dance party. 

(Right) We had a Pharrell  hat at our wedding. It was amazing.
Seriously, I can't even believe how crazy it was. My new sister-in-law (who has been to 37 weddings in the last 5 years) said that our DJ was the best she had ever seen. Our DJ even told us that it was the best party he's DJ'd in ages.

Because of the insane dance party, we plain forgot to do our parent dances! It was no big deal though because I spent a lot of the night on the dance floor salsa-ing with my dad anyway! We almost forgot to cut our cake, but our photographer reminded us, and we slowed things down for all of oh, I dunno, 5 minutes (?) to cut our cake and open up our dessert bar.

Yummy, yummy Georgetown Cupcakes and a mini cake with an airplane carrying the words "Oh the places we'll go"
So, we cut our cake, we ate desserts, and then we just kept dancing. Our wedding was slated to end at 11pm and at around 10:50, I took a step back, looked around, grabbed The Pilot and said, "Let's get out of here!" and off we went!

There you have it, our wedding. I hope this satisfied some curiosities for the time being! I'll definitely post some of our professional pictures once we get those back from the photographer!

I'll say one last thing. Every single person I talked to told me that it all goes by so fast and to just take it all in. Well, I was determined that our day wouldn't go by fast, and you know what? It didn't. At all. It was slow. I felt like we had all the time in the world. It was absolutely perfect and I couldn't have asked for a better day. 

Here's to married life!


  1. It looks like it was an absolute blast! I love weddings that turn into all out dance parties and go on forever! I'm glad that the day went by slowly for you and you were able to soak it all in :)

  2. Can you show some more detailed pictures of your dress? It;s gorgeous and your mom did a wonderful job! Anything that you would do differently? I'm getting married in March and would love to know!

    1. I don't have any pictures of my dress just yet...still waiting on the pictures from the photographer! This is just what I've pulled together from Facebook! Thank you though!

      I really, truly wouldn't have done anything differently, everything was perfect!

  3. I'm not even going to be embarrassed in admitting that I was weirdly emotional/teared up while reading this. Super happy for you <3 Wishing you & The Pilot lots and lots of love and happiness.

  4. Love dance weddings , so much fun!

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  6. Sounds wonderful. I have to ask. How was it your song BEFORE you started dating???


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